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It’s a mild pattern currently across Scotland with a moist southwest air flow which is bringing a lot of thick cloud and outbreaks of rain. While mostly dry this afternoon, it turns wet again overnight as the next pulse pushes in from the SW. Lows tonight stay mild at 6-9C.

Tuesday remains largely cloudy, breezy with light and patchy rain, expect a few glimmers of brightness here and there. Like today, temps are very mild at 10-13C.

Much the same Wednesday but more sunshine for the sheltered North where the combo of sun and S winds could boost temps to 14 or 15C around the Moray coast.


It’s a fairly benign setup over England through the next few days as high pressure remains in control but pulses of upper level energy riding the northern periphery of this high means there’s plenty of cloud in the West and North with light and patchy rain or drizzle off and on.

Tonight will see cloud, a fresh SW breeze and light, patchy rain or drizzle in the West and North but down towards London and East Anglia it’s clearer, less breezy and therefore coldest. Lows range from 9C under the cloud and breeze, -2C over rural E Anglia.

Tuesday will hold to the same theme as today and tonight with the best of the sunshine in the Southeast but it’s chilliest here through the afternoon. Highs range between 6 and 12C. Fog should become more widespread through the South and Midlands Tuesday night with light winds and clearer skies.

Brighter Wednesday once morning fog burns off.


It’s a cloudy, breezy night across Wales with the strongest win along the coast but here, it’s mildest overnight at 8 to 10C, somewhere clearer close to the English border at 2C.

Tuesday looks like a cloudy day with a few light showers, the breeze always strongest along the coast with the best of the sunshine in the east. Highs 8C in Powys, nearer 12C at Aberystwyth.

Much the same come Wednesday but it’s a brighter day and a touch cooler with fog to start.

Northern Ireland

Like last night, it’s cloudy, damp in spots and very mild with overnight lows barely falling to around 8 or 9C.

Tuesday should also be much like today although it’s looking a little wetter with pulses of fairly light and patchy rain pushing northeast. The breeze remains fresh for all, strong at the coast. Highs 10-13C.

Much the same Wednesday.


Cloud continues to stream northeast over the Republic through the next few days thanks to the mild, moist SW flow circling a ridge over the near continent. Tonight remains cloudy but a fresh push of moisture will bring outbreaks of rain through the overnight to most. Temps remain very mild with lows of 8-10C.

Tuesday continues the theme with cloud and light and patchy rain with a fresh SW breeze. Highs 10-14C.

Wednesday remains much the same.

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