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After a dull, damp but fairly mild day for much of Scotland, it turns chilly tonight as skies clear out. Lows should dip close to freezing in the major towns and cities, a little below in outlying areas with frost and ice a potential issue for the Wednesday AM commute.

Wednesday looks much brighter but despite sunshine, it feels fresher with a brisk west wind and there will be hefty showers which fall as snow over the hills. Highs 5-8C.

Wednesday night turns wet and increasingly windy and that sets the scene for a stormy Thursday with damaging 60-80 mph winds, cold with sleet and snow possible to lower levels.


It’s a damp evening to come across the Midlands and heart of England thanks to a slow southward moving front but clearer across the far South with fog possible and clearer as well as cooler in the far North with frost possible.

Through Wednesday morning it turns cloudier and damp from Cornwall to Norfolk while it’s dry and bright from the Midlands northwards. Eventually the cloud and rain clears the south coast through the afternoon making way for a largely dry and bright day, highs 6-9C.

It turns colder, wetter and very windy Thursday with storm-force winds settling into the North through the morning.


It’s a cloudy, damp evening and overnight to come thanks to a southward moving frontal system. Lows hold up at 2-5C.

The overnight rain is gone from North and Mid Wales by dawn tomorrow but it may linger in the South but all areas will enjoy a bright early December day and temperatures aren’t too bad for this time of year with highs of 6-9C.

After a cold first half to tomorrow night, skies turn cloudy with rain moving down from the north early Thursday. Winds really pick up through Thursday morning and it’s a much more unsettled day with the potential for gales widely.

Northern Ireland

It’s a cloudy damp start to this evening but skies clear out late evening and overnight so there’s a frost and ice risk for the Wednesday AM commute. Lows 1-2C in towns and cities, a little below in outlying areas.

A dry, bright and blustery day with a fresh to strong west wind which will make the high of 5-7C feel closer to 3 or 4C.

It turns very windy Thursday with widespread gales, possibly storm-force winds along exposed coasts.


After a gloomy, damp end to Tuesday across the Midlands and South of Ireland, skies are already clearing across the North and this is a sign of things to come overnight across all parts. Clear and it turns quite chilly with a frost likely, watch out for a few icy patches on your way into work Wednesday AM. Lows 1-3C in towns and cities, -2 to 0C in rural spots.

Wednesday is looking dry, bright but increasingly breezy, that breeze will make the 5-9C readings a little nippier.

It turns wet and windy Thursday with gales in the North with storm-force winds along the exposed east coast.

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