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It’s a largely dry but cloudy and mild afternoon by early December standards. Some light, patchy rain in the Northwest will begin to nudge south through this evening and overnight. Lows are mild at 4-6C.

Tuesday will be a wetter, breezier day as a weak front sinks slowly south over Scotland but it turns drier, brighter and cooler as the front clears the North and Central Highlands. Highs 5-7C.

On Wednesday it turns windier from the west but drier, brighter and colder with hill snow. Highs 3-5C.


After a cloudy, dull and for some, damp afternoon, it turns clearer with a risk of fog after dark this evening. That fog could become widespread and dense over the south Midlands and heart of southern England overnight tonight. Where skies are clear, it will turns chilly. Lows tonight -2 to 4C.

Tuesday looks to be another largely cloudy day and where that fog lingers, it’s going to remain on the chilly side at 1 to 3C, outwith the fog, nearer 7 to 9C.

A front dropping south during Wednesday introduces a greater risk of rain along with a freshening breeze. Highs 6-8C.


It’s a cloudy, drizzly night in the Southwest while clearer, chillier with a risk of freezing fog in the east. Overnight lows dip to between -1C and 3C.

Tuesday is another cloudy day with light drizzle in the West and Southwest but brighter in the east. Highs 5-9C.

Wednesday turns wetter thanks to a weak southbound front, highs 5-8C with a freshening west wind.

Northern Ireland

Following a fairly decent early December day, tonight stays cloudy with an increasing breeze overnight. Rain will push onto the North shore this evening and it sinks south overnight. With the cloud, increasing breeze and eventual rain, it stays mild tonight at 4-6C.

Tuesday looks mostly cloudy and damp with a fresh west wind and by Wednesday it turns cooler, windier but brighter.


It’s been a quiet start to the new week and month with plenty of cloud but dry and mild conditions today throughout the Republic. Tonight holds onto that theme with plenty of cloud, the breeze will pick up from the west overnight and rain pushes into western and northern areas overnight, watch for patchy fog in the South and Southeast by dawn tomorrow. Lows 2 to 4C.

Tuesday looks to be another cloudy day but light and patchy rain along with a freshening west wind will advance southeast through tomorrow and by Wednesday it reaches the South and Southeast after another dry, quiet day tomorrow. Highs tomorrow 5-10C. Cooler in the North later Wednesday, staying damp in the South.

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