NWT Hits -55F, Core Of Cold Will Be Over Northeast By Sunday!

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Beneath the core of a super cold arctic high, the temperature plunged to a bone-chilling -55 degrees at Rabbit Kettle, NWT this morning while many surrounding locales stretching from eastern Alaska to southeast Yukon dropped below -40. That's a January-like air mass even by this typically cold, snowy region at this time of year and this air mass will bodily shift south, southeast over the next 5 days. By Sunday into Monday the core of the cold will be centred over the Northeast where temperatures from Washington up to Boston will struggle to even reach freezing. By Saturday though, temperatures won't get out of the 10s in the Twin Cities, low to mid-20s in Chicago Sunday. Impressive given that we've not yet hit Thanksgiving.

Check out these numbers from this morning up over frigid Northwest North America.


The thermometer dropped to -31 at Fairbanks, AK and barely warmed through the day today. Here's a view from the arctic cam just after sunset this evening.


Further south and it wasn't much warmer, in fact, Edmonton dropped to at least -32C or -26F this morning. The all-time record for November here is -35.6C or -32F.

As you can see it looked as cold as it felt in Edmonton today, brrr.


The arctic air is now being felt over the barbed wire fence in Montana. Check out the latest numbers as of early this evening.

Source: weather.com

Source: weather.com

Tonight's lows according to TWC.

Source: weather.com

Source: weather.com

For you folks living in the Plains, Lower Midwest and entire Eastern Seaboard, make the most of the relative mild over the next few days, it's coming!

As the big 1048+mb  high drops south, a surface low will develop on the southern edge and so one can expect a spell of snow from New Mexico up towards the Great Lakes and eventually lake-effect will kick in once the air mass comes down. Heavier snow will break out over the Colorado Rockies where 2+ft is expected.

Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro

Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro

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