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After a bright but cold day, temperatures are dipping but as the temperatures dip back to freezing, cloud is pushing in from the west and eventually winds will pick up this evening and overnight. Lows dip initially to between -1 and +1C, colder the further east you are but by midnight, it should be up at around 2-4C as gales develop thanks to a deep low passing to the north. Precipitation will likely fall as snow initially, even to low levels but through the night, rain and wind should be the main feature for most.

The heavy band of snow, sleet and rain should clear quickly from west to east through the second half of the night into the morning hours tomorrow but it will be very windy for all out of the NW. Feeling cold in the widespread 40-60 mph gusts. 70+ over the higher mountains where snowfall will continue and likely become a blizzard. Sunshine and showers for most. Highs 4-7C.

Quieter conditions set in Thursday. Colder with highs of 3-6C. Hard frost by night.


Following a cold, bright day, this evening turns cloudy and eventually wet and windy as the next system pushes in. Much of the night looks clear and calm in the South and Southeast corner, so here there should be a hard frost with lows down to -4 or -5C in the typical cold spots, widely -1 to +1C. Further north and west, expect an initial dip but a slow rise overnight as winds increase out of the NW and precip initially falls as snow but then turns back to rain except over the Pennines.

Wednesday will be cold, blustery with a band of rain, sleet and snow spreading south and east through the day. It turns showery, brighter in the North through the afternoon with remaining blustery. Highs 5-9C.

Remaining breezy and unsettled in the South Thursday. Drier, brighter but colder in the North.


It’s been a cold day and the coldest of autumn so far. Tonight will see an early dip back to around freezing but cloud builds in from the west and eventually it will bring wet weather to all with snow over the higher ground. Winds will crank to gale-force for most. Although a touch milder, the wind will make it feel just as cold tonight as it did today. Lows -2 to +3C.

Wednesday will see the main rain band clear out leaving behind a day of sunshine and cold, blustery showers. Highs 5-9C.

More wind and showers tomorrow night but settling down Thursday.

Northern Ireland

Following a day of sun, showers and some snow, tonight turns wet and very windy with gales likely to spread right across Ulster this evening and particularly overnight. Temperatures will have already bottomed out as cloud already covers the country. Winds should start picking up early evening. Expect snow to higher ground, sleet and rain to low levels. Overnight temps 1-3C.

Wednesday quickly turns drier, brighter but showers will rattle in on the gale-force, cold NW wind. Some of the heavier showers could be sleety to low levels. Highs remain chilly but the wind will make it feel downright cold. 5-8C.

Drier, calmer, brighter but cooler Thursday. Highs 3-6C. Hard frost by night.


It’s been a cold, showery day with sleet and snow even to low levels. This evening and the wind and rain is already spreading into western parts and through tonight, it spreads right across the country. Lows tonight will be up on last night but staying chilly at 2-4C, feeling much colder in the strong NW wind.

Wednesday sees the rain clear quickly but this band will be followed by heavy, blustery showers. Winds remain strong. Highs a touch up on today but it won’t feel like it, 5-10C.

Drier and quieter Thursday with a hard frost by night.

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