Webcams Capture Frigid Iceland Snowscape At Sunset

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It’s been a cold autumn across Iceland with many snowfalls and blasts of bitterly cold air from nearby Greenland. Iceland can endure truly arctic conditions while they can also receive mild and stormy conditions just like we get here in the UK, depending upon the pattern.

Right now they are enduring arctic conditions. There is an expansive snowpack over the Central Highland region as well as the remote North. A cold upper trough is currently in place providing clear skies and relatively light winds and by night with the help of expansive snow cover and mountain valleys which collect cold air, temperatures widely dropped below -10C last night.

Here’s the current upper pattern over Europe from the ECMWF and note the very cold air currently over Iceland.


In the heart of the interior North and Highlands, last night saw temperatures drop to the lowest values of autumn 2013 yet. It hit -22.5C at Bruarjokull and today’s ‘high’ barely rose only managing to reach a frigid -17.3C.

Here was the temperatures across Iceland at 8am this morning.


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Temperatures over the Central Highlands at 6am.


Maximum and minimum temperature in Iceland today

Lowlands °C
Straumsvík 4.8 °C
Surtsey 4.3 °C
Skrauthólar 4.0 °C
Mývatnsöræfi -18.4 °C
Gæsafjöll -18.9 °C
Grímsstaðir á Fjöllum -19.0 °C
Highlands °C
Skarðsheiði Miðfitjahóll -0.5 °C
Bláfjallaskáli -0.9 °C
Botnsheiði -1.3 °C
Svartárkot -18.6 °C
Möðrudalur -18.8 °C
Brúarjökull B10 -22.5 °C

I was having a look at the countless webcams dotted across Iceland and thought I would post some of the still images as the sun set this evening.









Below is the current temperatures at 5pm. Southerly winds are starting a slow warming process over the south of the island ahead of an approaching storm system that will bring gales, so temperatures will be on the rise here through the night but in the North, they remain light and variable, so the current -18C at Grímsstaðir in the interior North should continue falling overnight, potentially dropping below last night’s coldest values.


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