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It’s been a fairly decent day across much of the country except for a few heavy showers peppering the landscape, particularly over the higher terrain but plenty of afternoon sunshine was enjoyed although it felt cool, especially in the NW breeze.

Through tonight and temperatures fall away quickly under widespread clear skies and with lighter winds, expect patchy frost quite widely. Lows in towns and cities will drop to 3 or 4C but in rural areas it may hit 0 or 1C.

The cold night means a sunny start to Wednesday but don’t be fooled, the next low will swing it’s rain and wind bearing front across Scotland through the day and this rain is likely to be heavy, driven in by a strong SW wind. That wind will be gale-force on exposed Western and Northern coasts with severe gales for the Outer Hebrides and Northern Isles. Expect localised flooding with the rain, especially in the Southwest. Highs 9-12C.

More sunshine and blustery showers come Thursday.


It’s a cold night to come with potentially the first frost of the autumn for some. Beneath the already clearing skies and light wind regime, expect lows to dip towards 1 or 2C in sheltered spots and 3-5C in most towns and cities. Don’t be surprised if your having to scrape the car in the morning if you live anywhere away from an urban heat island or near the coast.

A bright but chilly start to Wednesday but this shall be short lived for North and Western parts as another front sweeps wind and rain in. Some of this rain could be heavy, accompanied by a strong SW wind. Highs range between 10-15C.

The rain pushes into East and Southeastern parts by Thursday while it’s a sunshine and blustery shower regime in the North and West.


After a blustery, showery day but with plenty of sunshine and a marked difference compared to yesterday, tonight is clear and chilly with a chance of some rural frost. Winds should be light inland with showers confi9ned to the coast. Lows 1-7C.

Wednesday starts bright, sunny, cold but mid to late morning will see the next batch of wet and windy weather push in. Winds will touch gale-force along the coast, blustery inland but rain could be heavy and slow moving through the afternoon, eventually clearing later in the day.

More sunshine, showers and breezy conditions Thursday.

Northern Ireland

It’s a cold, clear night right across Ulster with lows potentially hitting freezing in a few rural spots, closer to 1-4C for most and many can expect a frost to start Wednesday.

Make the most of the early and mid morning sunshine because another batch of wind and rain will push into Western areas early morning and by late morning, most will be under the cloud and rain and winds will be fresh to strong too. Slightly milder than today with highs of 12 or 13C.

The rain clears later in the day and this makes way for blustery showers tomorrow night through Thursday.


It’s a cold and frosty night away from the towns and cities with lows dipping close to or in some cases, freezing. Temperatures will range between 3-6C widely.

Wednesday starts off pleasant albeit cold but into the mid morning and a band of rain is already spreading inland from the Atlantic coast and likely by early afternoon, rains will be reached Dublin. The rain should be clear of the West Coast come 3pm where here sunshine should reappear although blustery showers will follow. Highs a touch up on today at 12-14C.

More sunshine and showers for Thursday.

I shall have my official UK and Ireland Halloween Night forecast available late afternoon tomorrow, Stay tuned. 

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