Storm Causes Widespread Damage Across Northwest Europe

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As expected, the storm which was anticipated before even forming struck with quite the punch across southern Britain as well as the Netherlands, Denmark up into southern Norway and Sweden.

The storm continued to gather strength as the centre pushed into the Bristol Channel overnight. Winds were widely clocked at between 60-80 mph right across the South of England but exposed areas saw gusts in excess of 80 mph. Needles Old Battery on the Isle of Wight recorded Britain’s highest gust of 99 mph. Langdon Bay saw gusts to 82 mph while Andrewsfield to the north of London saw a gust of 79 mph. Damage was as expected fairly extensive and sadly at least two people lost their lives.

Here was the visible satellite image which captured the first view of the storm after sunrise.


The storm produced force-11 gales through the English Channel producing tremendous swells and battering waves which forced the Port of Dover to close. Unofficial reports said gusts of 105 mph were clocked through the Channel while 80-90 mph winds were also reported on the other side along the Dutch and Danish coasts.

Here was the scene along the wild Dutch coast this afternoon where pilot Ross Harwood recorded a 108 mph wind at just 4,000ft above the Dutch coast on approach to Amsterdam this morning.


Here was the top winds recorded in the Netherlands today.


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The storm brought down countless trees, cut power to some 240,000 people across the South of Britain while similar damage was caused on the other side of the North Sea. According to Dutch media, this was the worst storm since 1976 while in Denmark winds gusted to 120 mph which set a new national record.

Right start to the day in London.

Courtesy of Daily Mail

Courtesy of Daily Mail

Lorry blown over on M11

Courtesy of Daily Mail

Courtesy of Daily Mail

Here was the top wind gusts and heaviest rain totals across the South of the UK today.


Modelling continues to show another strong storm late this weekend for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England and this pattern is loaded and likely to produce more strong, soaking systems well into November.


Stay tuned for my Europe winter forecast which will be released this THURSDAY.

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