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After some heavy even thundery showers driven in by a brisk WNW wind this afternoon, conditions turn quiet tonight with clear skies developing along with a slackening wind. Temperatures away from urban areas will dip to 1 or 2C with a chance of frost, nearer 5 to 7C in towns. Showers will linger along the North and West Coast.

Tuesday looks blustery and cool but dry and bright with good spells of afternoon sunshine. Highs of 10-12C.

More heavy rain and strong southerly winds push in from the Atlantic Wednesday.


After winds of 80-99mph were recorded this morning across the South while heavy, flooding rain affected other parts, it’s a much better night to come with the storm system now impacting the near continent. Tonight will see a mix of showers along with clear spells, winds will remain brisk or fresh out of the WNW and it’s much cooler than of late with lows widely dropping to between 5-10C.

Tuesday very much looks to be a day of sunshine and showers, fresh, blustery and cool feeling WNW wind. Highs of 10-14C.

It turns wetter and windier come Wednesday but nothing like the weather we’ve just seen.


The bulk of Wales missed the worst of last night and this morning’s weather with just heavy rain and blustery conditions but tonight will be breezy with heavy showers piling in from the west. Cooler than of late with lows down to 5 to 7C.

Tuesday looks to be a day of sunshine and showers with blustery west winds and feeling chilly with highs of 9-12C.

Tomorrow night is chilly with a cold start to Wednesday but more wind and rain piles in late morning into the afternoon.

Northern Ireland

It’s been a classic late October day across Ulster with a stiff, chilly WNW wind and brisk, hefty showers. Tonight will remain breezy with some heavy showers pushing through. It turns chilly with lows widely down to 5 or 6C.

More sunshine and showers tomorrow with highs down on recent times at 10 or 11C but it turns wet and windy again tomorrow night into Wednesday.


It’s a cool, breezy, showery theme but it has been rather wet over the past 24 hours across the South but the heavy, wind driven has now pushes east. Tonight will see a mix of cloud, showers and blustery conditions. Cool with lows of 5 to 8C.

More sunshine and blustery showers tomorrow with highs of 10-14C. It turns wet in the west initially tomorrow night with rain crossing all parts during Wednesday.

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