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It’s a fine end to the work week with lots of sunshine on offer from the Northwest and central Highlands down towards Glasgow, always that bit cloudier in the East with a fresher breeze blow in off the North Sea. Temperatures this afternoon haven’t been too bad at 11-13, locally 14C.

Tonight will see the clearest skies in the North and perhaps West and here, temperatures will drop away sharply after sundown. Always cloudier and breezier in the East. Lows range from a crisp 0 to 7C.

Saturday looks to be a repeat of today with the best of the sunshine in the West and North, always cloudier, cooler and breezier in the East. Highs range from a chilly 9C in under the cloud and in the breeze, 12 to 14C in the sunshine and lighter winds.

Sunday will see a chance of rain into the Borders as low pressure from the near continent tries to work north but all in all Sunday, like today and tomorrow is looking decent with the best of the sun in the North and West. Highs 10-14C.

Low pressure will continue to try and push north into early next week so patchy rain may spread up into the Central Lowlands during Monday. Remaining dry and bright in the North.

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It’s a mixed bag of weather to end the week across England with a fine, dry and pleasant evening up across the North and down the Western flank of the country but it’s all eyes on a spell of heavy rain which works into Southeast England tonight and this will impact Greater London down to Kent and up through East Anglia. Upwards of 1 inch of rain is likely through tonight combined with 40-50 mph wind gusts along the Southeast coast. For the Southwest up through the West Midlands and North it’s largely dry give or take an odd passing shower and there should be some clear spells. Lows 6-12C.

Saturday will see the band of wet and windy weather lift north of London and the Southeast corner during in the morning and that rain will try to focus on the Midlands but weakening as it does so.  showery later on in the day for the North but staying largely dry in the Southwest. Highs 10-14C.

Further heavy rain will affect the Southeast during Sunday with some rain spreading north. Largely dry in the Southwest and West. Highs 11-14C.

More spells of rain in the Southeast and Midlands, perhaps North too during Monday as the low tries to push north.


It’s been a cool, cloudy, breezy day across Wales with some showers, particularly in the East while any sunshine was confined to Western areas. Tonight will hold onto the cloud, brisk northeast wind and light and patchy rain will affect Eastern areas through the night. Always staying driest in the sheltered west. Overnight lows milder than last night at 5-11C.

Saturday will be a similar story to today with plenty of cloud, the best of the sun in the West and watch out for some showers blown in on that northeasterly. Highs tomorrow 10-15C.

Sunday could turn wetter in the South but staying drier in the North. Highs 11-15C.

It turns drier and brighter come Monday.

Northern Ireland

After the first true chilly start with many having to scrape the car windscreen this morning, it’s turned out to be a lovely day albeit a touch cool with highs only mustering 10-12C. Tonight will remain settled with a mix of sun and cloud, so perhaps a little less chilly tonight but under the clearest skies in the West, don’t be surprised to see another frost tonight.

Saturday is fine, dry and settled. The best of the sun in the North, always that bit cloudier in the South. Highs 10-13C.

Another decent, settled dry with little rain on the chart Sunday. Highs similar to today and tomorrow.

Monday starts off the new week on a dry, settled note.


It’s a calm, quiet weekend in store for the Republic with a mixture of cloud and clear spells tonight, lows dip to between 5-12C and through Saturday it’s a mainly cloudy picture but little in the way of rain. The best of the bright or sunny weather will be in the West and North. Highs 11-14C.

Very similar story on Sunday as high pressure remains dominant. A mix of sun and cloud, highs of 11-15C.

More settled weather with a chance of some showers in the South and Midlands during Monday. Similar temperatures to today and tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Julie Grey says:

    Hi Mark you might be intterested to know this,I had a fb message from my mum in law this morning they live in Clarremont-ferrand in France and its like a winter wonderland there had been snowing for 4 hours,she said its about 3 months too early,she has strawberries and Tomatos under the snow!!

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