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It’s a changing weather situation tonight as much colder air filters down from Iceland aboard a strengthening W and eventually NW wind. It’s a fine, bright and fairly mild end to the day across particularly eastern areas with highs near 20C in Aberdeenshire, widely 15-17C.

Tonight will see winds pick up everywhere but gales will crank over the Western and Northern Isles as well as the Far North. Fine, dry and clear with a stiff NW breeze elsewhere. Lows tonight turn considerably colder at 4-9C.

Wednesday dawns with gale or severe gale-force winds in the Far North as well as the Western and Northern Isles. 70 mph gusts are expected in exposed low level areas at the coast, perhaps 100 mph over the tops of the Highlands and Grampians with heavy, frequent blustery showers, falling as sleet and snow above 3,000ft. There should be decent spells of sunshine in Central, Southern and Eastern areas but feeling cold. Highs of 8-11C, colder in the strong NW wind.

Dry, bright, blustery and cold feeling on Thursday. Highs 8-10C. Strong north wind. Frost for many by night.


It’s a pleasant end to the day across the bulk of England but showers will continue to affect parts of the South this evening while fine, dry, even sunny for the Midlands up into Greater Manchester, cloudy but dry for Lancaster and Carlisle. Through tonight and it stays cloudy in the South and in fact the cloud fills in further north but it’s a largely dry, quiet night. Lows though not as warm are still mild at 10-13C.

Wednesday is not a bad day overall but showers will pep up with a freshening breeze starting to pick up from the north. Temperatures will still be mild for one last day in the South, turning cooler in the North. 12-17C.

Thursday will be a shock to the system with a strong north wind, especially along the North Sea coast and over higher ground. Although it should be dry and fairly sunny, expect highs no better than 9-12C. Knock 2-4C off those numbers for wind chill.


It’s a pleasant end to Tuesday across Wales with the mild weather continuing but living on borrowed time. Plenty of bright or sunny weather to end the day in Mid and South Wales but always that bit cloudier in the North. Overnight tonight and it’s largely cloudy but quiet with just a slight risk of an odd shower. Remaining mild but it’s somewhat fresher compared to recent nights. Lows 11-14C.

Wednesday will be a mixed day of sun and cloud with a freshening NW breeze and so temperatures will be slightly down on today at between 14-16C with an odd passing shower.

Thursday will be considerably colder with a brisk north wind but despite sun shinning, expect highs no warmer than 9-12C, feeling colder in the wind.

Northern Ireland

It’s a decent end to the day with little rain but plenty of cloud and that cloud will linger right across Northern Ireland through the overnight. The cool down will become noticeable if your out and about tonight as winds pick up from the NW. Lows considerably down on recent nights at between 8-10C.

Wednesday shall host a day of sun and showers but wind will be a main factor with a strong NW wind blowing, ushering in air straight from Greenland and Iceland. Despite any sunshine, expect highs no better than 9-11C, feeling colder in the wind.

A dry, sunny, windy and cold feeling day Thursday with highs of around 10C.


It’s a fine, dry and mild end to Tuesday across the Republic but with the mild air comes a lot of cloud. Tonight will be one last mild one with lows dropping no lower than 10C in the North, 12 or 13C in the South.

Wednesday will see plenty of cloud once again with the odd shower but it will turn noticeably cooler and breezier in the North and Northwest through tomorrow afternoon, staying mild in the South but not as warm as recent days. near 16C in Cork, 15C in Dublin.

The big change comes Thursday. Despite more sun, there will be a lot more wind and with that wind blowing from the north, it’s a cold one. The air flow will see temperatures Thursday afternoon no higher than 9-12C. Colder in the wind.

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