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This morning started off about as mild as you get in mid summer never mind early October with some places holding at 17C overnight. With the warm, muggy, sub-tropical air comes a lot of cloud, mist and drizzle. The best of today sunshine will be over Moray, Aberdeenshire and down the East Coast and it’s here where temperatures will climb towards 21C in a few spots. That’s unseasonably warm for this time of year with the average more like 12-14C.

A weakening front sweeps SE tonight bringing a spell of rain but this clears by Tuesday morning, leaving behind a lot of cloud. Tuesday looks drier and brighter with rain mainly confined to the NW corner. Lows start off at 12-15C, highs by mid afternoon should climb to around 15-18C.

It turns much cooler Wednesday as winds turn northwesterly. Highs by then will be down at around 9-12C, feeling colder in the wind.


It’s a warm and dry start to the new week across England with only some light and patchy rain confined to Cumbria. It’s largely cloudy across western areas but to the east of the Pennines and there is more in the way of bright or sunny spells. Very mild for all once again, even beneath the cloud but in some sunshine, temperatures may reach 21 or 22C. The average is nearer 15 or 16C at this time of year.

Tonight is another quiet one with less fog than this morning. A weakening front drops south but only light, patchy rain will fall as a result over NW areas, fizzling once it reaches the Midlands. Overnight lows again mild at 12-15C.

Tuesday will see the remnant light rain fizzle through the day as it heads into southern parts. Some good spells of warm sun behind the front so in the North down into the Midlands, it’ll be a bright and mild day, somewhat cloudier in the South but highs again will warm to between 15-20, locally 21C.

Winds turn northwesterly Wednesday with showers rattling south. Temperatures will be slashed by 3-6C, feeling colder in the wind in the North, mild air holding for one more day in the South.


It’s a mild start to the week across Wales but with that mild air comes plenty of cloud, light and patchy rain as well as drizzle. However, bright or sunny spells will be on offer in the sheltered east and here, highs may reach 17-19C.

A front drops south tonight bringing some patchy rain but it never really makes it into South Wales as it fizzles heading south. Overnight lows remain on the warm side at 14-16C. Those values are actually warmer than the daytime highs at this time of year.

Tuesday will see the same sort of day as today with cloud, some sunshine, just a few showers here and there and temperatures back into the 15-18C range.

Some rain in the North Wednesday and turning colder as winds veer northwesterly.

Northern Ireland

It’s a damp start in the Northwest but drier in the Southeast and through the day that rain will continue in a mainly light and patchy nature with some bright or sunny skies in between. The Northwest turns drier this afternoon after a damp start and through early evening, the rain should clear out into the Channel. Temperatures will once again be warm for Oct 7 with highs near 20C this afternoon in parts of the East, you would expect 12-14C by now.

Tonight will be largely dry with some clearing skies but despite clearer skies, temperatures remain mild at 12-14C.

Tuesday is looking dry and fairly bright, a touch cooler compared to yesterday and today at 15-17C but still mild.

Wednesday sees the pep return and with winds turning northwesterly, so the big return to normality commences.


It’s a damp but mild day for much of the Republic with drier conditions already in the West and through this afternoon and evening that rain band should eventually clear into the Irish Sea leaving behind a cloudy by drier night. Highs today once again will rise towards 19C and tonight, overnight temperatures will hold up at 12-15C once again.

Tuesday is looking better with a lot of sunshine and little if any rain. Yes there will be areas of cloud but it will be much more broken and scattered. Temperatures once again will be mild for the time of year at 15-18C. By Wednesday it turns cooler and breezier in the North and Northwest with highs trimming back. Staying mild in the South for one more day. Highs 13 in the North, 17C in the South.

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