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It’s been a dismal day across a large swath of Scotland and the persistency of today’s rain has lead to some local flooding and poor driving conditions. The rain will fall heavy across the South and Central parts early on tonight, heaviest over the Southern Uplands where an additional inch is expected. Lows once again dip no lower than 12-15C, closer to the daytime high for early October.

The overnight rain continues over western and southern areas by Friday morning but this should clear into the North Sea through the morning making way for a drier, potentially brighter afternoon. Highs once again in the 16-28C range.


It’s a very wet night to come across the North with further pulses of heavy rain pushing southwest to northeast. Further south and it’s more heavy showers rather than a canopy of rain over the Midlands and South. Don’t underestimate the heaviness of some of these showers though as they could drop a lot of rain within a short period of time, triggering local flooding fast.

The rain should ease overnight for a time before more spreads into the southwest. It’s another very mild night for the time of year with lows of 13-16C.

Friday is looking considerably better with the rain clearing into the North Sea through the morning and we may even see bright or sunny spells appearing through the afternoon. Highs range between 16-21C.


After the heavy rains of today and early evening, conditions improve initially overnight but more heavy rain pushes in from the south but this clears through mid Friday morning. It’s another warm one for the time of year at 13-16C.

Friday is looking much better after a wet start with only a slight risk of some showers through the afternoon and there may even be some brightness to enjoy with highs of 16 to 19C.

Northern Ireland

It’s a soaking night to come across eastern Northern Ireland with some very intense pulses spreading north overnight. Lows once again will remain mild at 12-15C.

The rain eases through Friday morning and by the afternoon expect a lot of dry weather with perhaps some glimmers of bright or sunny spells. Highs remain mild at 15-17C.


After a rather wet afternoon across central and eastern areas, tonight will remain very wet with heavier pulses lifting north through the mid to late evening but as the night wears on, so the rain moves away. Lows tonight remain mild at 13-15C.

Friday starts off much better with little rain to speak of and through the morning into the afternoon, bright or sunny spells should develop. Highs should climb to between 15-18C.

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