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It’s a damp, cloudy end to the day across the country with the exceptions of the far North but through tonight a spell of heavier rain sweeps in from the west and this will make for a very wet and blustery night to come for all. Travel could be tricky on the roads but it will be mild at between 12-15C.

Thursday will see little change with a continuation of the heavy and persistent rain which should last much of the day, perhaps easing and shifting east later on Thursday. Despite the wind, rain and cloud, it’s a mild air mass with highs uniformly 16-18C with a stiff SE wind drawing air up from the continent. Watch out for local flooding.

Friday looks drier with some brightness, highs similar to tomorrow.


The first half of this evening is largely dry, even bright across England with the exceptions of the southwest but through tonight and heavy rain pushes across northern counties as well as the west Midlands and this will bring issues for the Thursday morning commute. Overnight lows range from 11 to 16C. That’s around the normal highs for early October.

Thursday will be very wet and tricky across the north and west, starting off dry and bright from the Humber down to Kent but as the day wears on so the heavy rains spread further east reaching London, SE and East Anglia. Despite the wet weather, temperatures are mild, even warm and muggy at between 16-21C. Watch out for localised flooding.

Friday is drier with the exceptions of the east and southeast. Highs similar to tomorrow.


It’s a showery end to the day right across Wales but prepare for a band of heavy and persistent rain tonight and through Thursday morning. Upwards of 1-2 inches of rain is possible and this raises the risk of local flooding. Temperatures stay very mild tonight at 13-16C and tomorrow will see highs of 16-19C with rain easing later in the day.

Friday is drier and brighter with similar temperatures.

Northern Ireland

A showery day will make way to a very wet and blustery night to come but it will be mild with lows no lower than 12C.

Thursday looks rather dismal with heavy and persistent rain for much of the day. Expect some disruption to travel and local flooding. Despite all the rain, it stays mild with highs of 15-17C.

Drier and somewhat brighter by Friday.


It’s very much an east-west split across the country tonight with drier conditions in the west while it’s a thoroughly wet and breezy night along the east coast. It stays mild with lows ranging between 13-16C.

Thursday will see the moderate to heavy rain persist throughout the day with the band backing west into more central, even western areas as the afternoon wears on. Highs of 14-19C.

Much drier and even brighter Friday.

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  1. Julie Grey says:

    Not bad here in Kerry Mark its wet but dosnt seem as bad as other places,could change though!

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