Low Pressure Returns To UK, Siberian Air Could Break Records In Eastern Europe

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The pattern is slowly changing over Europe as the upper low which brought Scandinavia it’s first taste of winter exits allowing the UK ridge to finally start shifting northeast, centring itself over Scandinavia. By doing so, it allows the sprawling and rather strong low SW of the UK to lift northeast replacing high pressure with low pressure and so wet weather returns.

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This northeastward shift in the upper ridge has removed the abnormal cold out of Scandinavia but in turn tapped even colder stuff that currently residing over Siberia and being drawn into eastern Europe.

Despite low pressure returning to UK shores, it’s a progressive feature and so it’s in and out before we reach the weekend after bringing a fairly decent soaking to many areas. Behind this system, guess what… high pressure returns. Yes it’s that type of pattern we have right now where high pressure just wants to hang on, possibly as a result of the warm summer and warm waters.

As snow cover expands rapidly over north and northwest Asia, so the cold is too and it’s rather early as we can see from what’s heading into eastern Europe.

Will be interesting to see whether we manage to break the ‘ridgy’ pattern during October or will the cold stay in the east. While many of you who subscribe may fear this setup as we enter deeper autumn, don’t be. This early autumn western ridge-eastern trough isn’t an indicator of where our winter is heading. Keep in mind that the atmosphere has a lot of adjusting to make. What is does say however is that there’s a LOT of potential and arctic air masses could have a lot of strength this winter.

Below is the GFS surface and precipitation charts through the rest of this week.

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Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro


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Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro


Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro

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Notice the frontal system crosses the UK and supplies warmth and a large scale height rise and warming of the mid and upper levels over central and eastern Europe. In other words the low SW of the UK currently that will cross Wednesday-Thursday, will eventually end the abnormal cold spell for eastern Europe.

Check out just how cold the air mass is coming out of Siberia and driving straight southwest into the Ukraine and SE Europe this week. Mighty impressive for late Sep/early Oct.


Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro

Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro


Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro


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That’s one mighty cold air mass for this early on and will hold temperatures WIDELY in the 0 to 5C range while nights comfortably or uncomfortably plunge below freezing. We could see parts of European Russia drop towards -10C while even parts of the Ukraine and Romania see night-time lows near -6 to -10C late week if there is snow covered ground and clear skies.

As for snow, well the GFS suggests some impressive snows over parts of the Ukraine and Romania.

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This is VERY early of course and so rather impressive. BTW, remember the -13C recorded in Iceland back on Saturday morning, well another blast of potentially even colder air is coming off Greenland later this week.

The local weather forecast office in Moscow are all over this cold spell that’s been seen and pointed out since early last week here. They suggest RECORD LOWS are possible mid to late week around the Moscow area. Not surprising given the air mass coming out of Siberia to be honest and records for both snow and temperature will fall all the way to Romania.

Here’s an article from the Moscow News

Moscow weather: Cold spell could break records

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