Series Of Cool Canadian Highs Drop Into Eastern US, Snow For Ontario

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Thankfully the heavy rains and flooding over Colorado is now easing with the pattern settling down after some 15 inches of rain fell on Boulder in the last week. Incredibly that’s only about 5 inches less than what this part of the country gets in an entire year.

While conditions improve in one part of the continent, they remain turbulent in another. As many as 35 people are said to have died in Mexico due to Ingrid alone and as moisture continues to pile in despite the system continuing to weaken, the flood threat is sure to worsen. Especially as the core of moisture now heads into the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains. As much as 25-30 inches may fall over a one week period in some places here.

As for the United States. A cool Canadian high is now settling into the East and this will present a cold night to come with even the Big Cities from DC to New York dipping close to 50 while Boston should dip into the 40s. Head further inland and it’s widespread low to mid-30s with probably some 20s showing up.

Here’s the lows off the GFS for tomorrow morning.

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As mentioned, high pressure builds in and so it’s looking terrific over the next few days with lots of blue sky, light winds, low humidity and highs in the 60s with 50s in New England. The next few nights will be chilly.

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Even by Thursday it’s all about the sun.

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By Friday, a system winds up and crosses Canada dragging a front across the Lower 48. With tropical moisture in the Gulf and the tail of the front crossing Texas, expect a few inches of rain quite widely over Texas to end the week. Not a big thing down here of course. It remains sunny and settled throughout the Eastern Seaboard Friday.

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By Saturday, the storm crosses Hudson Bay and draws much colder air into Ontario while the front makes it’s way through the interior Northeast.

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The GFS shows -5 to -10C 5,000ft sweeping across Ontario. Precip is sure to fall as SNOW and we could see a large swath of Ontario’s north, white by late Saturday into Sunday.

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Check out the GFS snow chart out to Saturday!

Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro

Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro

By Sunday the front slides into the Major Cities of the Northeast bringing a spell of showers and storms with a surge of warmth and increased humidity out ahead of the front. Cold on the backside of the front up across Manitoba, Ontario down into the Great Lakes.

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By Monday the front is cleared the coast and another cool Canadian high builds down from the north. That sets up a near repeat of this week, next week.

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With the typhoon now recurved, expect more troughiness into the eastern side of North America in 6-10 days.

Interestingly, the PNA is seen to go positive while the NAO and AO goes firmly negative. A sure sign of colder times to come into October!




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