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It’s been a reasonable day across Scotland with sunshine interrupted by a few afternoon showers, highs rising to 15 or 16C widely, always cloudier in the far North and breeze in the east. Through tonight and it’s a quiet end to the first day of the new week. Clear skies and light winds mean another cool one with a chance of a odd patch of frost in the rural Central Lowlands, perhaps the Southern Uplands with lows dipping to 2 or 3C, widely 4-8C. Cloud thickens in the North and here temps drop no lower than 9 or 10C.

Another decent day to come Tuesday but it’s a somewhat cloudier affair with a fresh northerly breeze in the east, strong in the North and along the East Coast. Mostly cloudy for most but a few sunny spells will develop, particularly in the West through the PM hours allowing a few spots to push 17 or 18C.

It turns wet Wednesday with warmer air preceding the front.


It’s been a day of sunshine, showers and a cold northerly breeze, especially wet, windy and cold along the East Coast with parts of Norfolk struggling to get much above 11 or 12C. This evening will see the rain and cold north wind continue along the east coast while further west it’s clearer and less windy. Lows tonight dip to 4 or 5C in the Northwest while it holds at 10 to 12C in the South and East where winds keep the air mixing but it won’t feel warm by any means.

Tuesday will see an east-west split with cloud, rain and a stiff north wind over eastern counties will places from the Pennines on west, it’s drier, brighter and slightly warmer. Highs range from 11 or 12C along coastal Lincolnshire and Norfolk to 17 or 18C in Warwickshire across to Dorset and Somerset. Dry and fairly sunny up across Northern parts too.

Wednesday starts off decent but rain spreads south later in the day. A touch warmer than today and tomorrow with some Southeastern spots reaching 21 to 23C.


It’s been a mixed, rather autumnal day across Wales with the heaviest showers along with coolest conditions across the North while the sunniest and warmest conditions were found in the South. Overnight tonight and it’s a mix of clear spells and some showers, the breeze continues to blow out of the north and lows range from 5 to 10C, a touch lower in sheltered areas.

Tuesday is looking similar to today with sunshine and showers and highs ranging between 15C in the windier, more showery North to 18C in the sunnier South.

It turns wetter but temporarily warmer Wednesday.

Northern Ireland

It’s a bright, breezy and cool start to the new working week and through tonight, it’s largely quiet with the showers of today easing with clear spells developing. The breeze should stop temps from dipping too low, 6-11C.

Tuesday looks largely dry, bright and breezy with temperatures, like today rising to between 14-16C. A chance of an odd shower.

It turns wetter by Wednesday.


It’s been a decent start to the week with sunshine and a few showers riding a cool northerly breeze. Another showers from today ease once the sun sets and clear skies will develop for many. With relatively light winds, temps should dip away to between 4 and 5C in sheltered areas, widely 7-10C.

Tuesday looks similar to today but with fewer showers around thanks to height rises. It’s a mix of sun and cloud, less breeze and that means a touch warmer with temps rising to between 16-19C.

Wednesday starts decent but turns wetter and windier again.

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