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It’s a fine, mainly dry and bright afternoon with a stiff SW wind blowing, particularly the further north and west you go. Afternoon highs up to around 17-20C but feeling cooler in the wind. Tonight will see any showers die out and with winds turning lighter and clears skies developing, it will turn cool, even chilly in rural areas. Lows dip to between 4-11C.

Thanks to high pressure building in from the Azores, Tuesday is looking brighter and warmer with less breeze to contend with. Look for highs of 18-21C.

Tomorrow night turns damp across the West and Southwest and this sets the scene for a wet and breezier Wednesday across the country with the heaviest of the rain in the West.


A fine end to the day across England with just some patchy cloud covering parts of the Midlands down into the Southeast but it should be dry for the majority. Evening temps hold up at around 19 or 20C into the early evening. Overnight tonight stays quiet with a mix of cloud and clear spells. Overnight lows 10-15C.

Tuesday is looking like another pleasant August day with a mix of sun and clouds, staying dry with temperatures a touch up on today at 19-24, locally 25C in the Southeast.

Clouds push in from the NW tomorrow evening with patchy rain overnight into Wednesday but staying dry across the bulk of the country.

Wednesday will see an area of patchy rain progress south into Central England but with the front never getting much further south than Birmingham it stays bright or sunny and turning warmer in the South with highs pushing 27C in London.


It’s a fine afternoon right across Wales with plenty of sunshine and if you manage to get out of the wind, it will feel pleasant with highs topping out at around 21C. Tonight is looking fine, dry and settled with a mix of cloud and clear spells with little in the way of shower activity. Lows dip no lower than 10C.

Tuesday looks fine, dry, sunny and warmer as high pressure builds. Look for highs widely in the 19-22C range.

Wednesday will see light and patchy rain spread from northwest to southeast through the day but it won’t be cold despite cloud, light rain and a breeze. Highs of 19-22C.

Northern Ireland

It’s been a fairly decent start to the work week across Ulster albeit the breeze has remained fresh to strong but any showers through the afternoon have at least came and went quickly and there is plenty of sunny spells to be enjoyed into this evening. Overnight tonight and it’s a mainly quiet, uneventful night with a mix of cloud and clear spells and winds will turn lighter.

Tuesday is looking decent to start but through the afternoon look for clouds to thicken from the west and towards teatime, expect patchy rain to spread eastwards across the country. Highs tomorrow will be a respectable 17-20C.

Wednesday will be a cloudier, damp day with the rain fairly light and patchy. Winds will once again be fresh to strong along coastal or exposed areas. Highs 17-19C.


It’s a decent end to a decent day across the Republic and this sets us up for a pleasant evening and overnight to come with lows dropping no lower than 9 or 10C.

Tuesday looks fine, dry and fairly sunny but through the PM hours look for cloud and evening light rain to encroach from the Atlantic. This shall spread east across the country Tuesday night into Wednesday with the far South staying mainly dry.

Wednesday looks to be a north-south split with the best of the dry and bright weather in the South where highs should climb to 21, possibly 22C but further north and it’s cloudier, damp and breezy with highs restricted to 17 or 18C.

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