Record Heat From Arizona To Montana, Record Cool & Flash Flooding In Southeast!

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We have a rather unusual upper level pattern currently over the Lower 48 and it is a fairly extreme one with a strong upper ridge pumping record heat north over the West while high pressure building down the East Coast has produced record cool days as far south as Atlanta where temperatures didn’t get out of the 60s Friday.

I saw a tweet from the NWS in Atlanta and they had a temperature of 64 degrees at 2pm with an east wind at 18mph and was considering a WINDCHILL ADVISORY!

As well as the OCTOBER-LIKE chill in the air, rains have been prolific over South Georgia into South Carolina over the past 24-48 hours. While today it’s Savannah and the SE of Georgia that’s experiencing flash flooding, yesterday it was Downtown Charleston, SC with a flood advisory remaining today with additional rain.

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According to the NWS, Sapelo Island, GA received 6 inches of rain today. In Coffee Bluff community there was reports of 1.54 inches of rain falling in just 30 minutes.

On the other end of the spectrum, temperatures Out West soared to 113 degrees in Phoenix which tied a record while it climbed well into the UPPER 90s in Montana with somewhere likely hitting 100 this afternoon. This weekend into early next week should see the heat build into the Dakotas where we should see 100 in Rapid City, SD.

Check out the current temperature map across the country. 96 in Montana verses 67 in Georgia.



The current surface chart one something you would see more in autumn with a front making it all the way to the Gulf Coast. You very rarely see this in mid-August. Normally fronts don’t get this far south.



The upper chart and 850 temps off the ECMWF says it all with cool air reaching all the way to the Gulf Coast.


The heat will spread east over the next 5 days and the unusually deep and far south reaching trough shall weaken and flatten, making way for a completely opposite upper air pattern by late next week. Temperatures in the Midwest and Northeast shall be back in the 90s by Thursday or Friday!

Sat 17




Next Thursday!


The question is, will next week’s warm-up further east hold? If the NAO is anything to go by, it’s unlikely.


The CFSv2 remains cool in the East during September.


Will have a video tomorrow!

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