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After a damp start, it’s been an improving afternoon with the best of the bright or sunny spells developing in the East but despite thicker cloud and outbreaks of rain continuing this afternoon further West, it’s a warm, muggy one with temperatures ranging between 19 and 23C.

Tonight will be another mild, muggy one with a mix of cloud and clear spells but the rain peps up for a time across Dumfries and Galloway and the Borders but up across the Central Lowlands and Highlands it should stay mainly dry. Lows of 10-15C.

Friday will be an improvement on today with brighter spells across a broader area but some showers will be around through the day. Temperatures again will be a respectable 19-22C.

Wet and windy on Saturday with similar temperatures.


This evening will see a band of quite heavy rain push into Northern England this evening while it starts off mainly dry across the Midlands and South although showers may dampen the evening in a few places. Temperatures are mild to warm ending the day at 20-24C.

Throughout the course of tonight and that arm of heavy rain will push south bringing a wet night to the Midlands and eventually this front sags into the Southeast, arriving by dawn. Lows stay mild at 13-17C.

Friday will be a much better day across the North with plenty of warm sunshine extending south through the Midlands but that rain and cloud will linger through a good part of the day over East Anglia and the Southeast. Highs 19-24C.

More wet and windy weather arrives Saturday.


It’s a warm, muggy and showery start to your evening for many areas of the country but if you live along the West or Southwest coast you’ll notice the rains picking up. That rain’s associated with a front that will bring a very wet night right across the country but the good news is that this should have cleared the bulk of the country by early to mid morning Friday. Lows 13-16C.

So the heavy overnight rain clears through Friday morning and by the afternoon it should be a largely dry and quite bright or sunny afternoon with just a few patchy showers around. Highs range from 18-21C.

More wet and windy weather arrives Saturday.

Northern Ireland

It’s a very wet end to the day right across Northern Ireland but the good news is that after a wet day, it turns drier overnight. It’s been a warm and muggy day too with temperatures widely up at around 18-20C and through tonight it will turn slightly fresher once the front clears. Lows 10-13C.

Friday is looking much better with cloud breaking up through the morning and by afternoon it should brighten nicely with temperatures rising back up to 17-20C, slightly fresher compared to today and there may be an odd shower.

Saturday will see the next front sweep wet and windy weather in from the Atlantic and it could be unusually windy with gales possible along the North coast.


It’s a wet end to what has been a dam, dull but mild and muggy day but the rain of today and tonight clears into Friday morning. Lows tonight dip to between 11-15C.

Friday should be a much drier, brighter and better day overall with sunny spells mixed with some showers. A touch fresher with a westerly breeze. Highs 17-21C.

A very wet and windy spell of weather spreads right across the country Saturday associated with a deep low to the north. Highs 17-20C.

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