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The sunshine and showers of today should largely die away overnight tonight with clear spells developing. While many areas turn chilly with rural areas again dipping to between 3-6C, towns and cities nearer 9 or 10C, expect some showers to push into Western areas, possibly reaching Glasgow.

Saturday looks similar to today with a fresh west breeze which will push showers west to east. Plenty of sunshine on offer too. Highs a touch down on today at 16-19C.

An area of rain pushes across the country Sunday and the west wind looks to increase, perhaps turn quite windy along the West Coast, blustery through the Central Lowlands. Highs 15-18C.

Monday should see the front clear out into the North Sea and the sunshine and showers regime returns. Highs 16-19C.

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A fine and reasonably warm end to the week across most of England give or take a couple of showers here and there. A fine, dry and largely clear night to come and while towns and cities dip towards 11-15C, expect lows to fall towards 3-5C in spots.

Saturday will see a mix of sun and cloud with a few showers popping up here and there but they should move along nicely in the westerly breeze. Highs 17-22C.

Sunday will see more in the way of showers and perhaps some longer spells of rain for some. The west wind picks up and it may be blustery for many, especially in western areas and over higher ground. Highs 17-22C.

Monday and it’s back to sunshine and showers with very little change through early next week. Highs similar to today and tomorrow.


It’s been a breezy day with a few showers dotting the Welsh landscape this afternoon but those should ease and dissipate overnight with clear pockets developing. Where skies clear expect temperatures to dip towards 6 or 7c, widely 9-13C.

Saturday looks fine, dry and settled for most but like today, a few showers will push in from the Irish Sea  but on the whole it’s not a bad start to your weekend. Highs 16-20C.

Sunday will see a pep up of shower activity and the west breeze picks up too. Nonetheless there will be decent spells of sunshine in between the showers. Highs 16-20C.

Monday starts off the week on a sunshine and shower note just like we’ll see this weekend. Highs much like the next couple of days.

Northern Ireland

Like we’ll see across the UK. We’re very much locked into a sunshine and showers regime well into next week. Tonight will see any showers from today die out and with any clearing skies, it turns cool. Lows 7 to 12C.

Sunshine and showers Saturday with some longer spells of rain to come Sunday. Winds will be brisk out of the west and highs will be cooler but around average at 16-19C.

Monday starts off the new work week with more sun and showers. Highs 16-18C.


The showers of today die out and it’s a mainly cloudy but dry night ahead with lows dropping to around 10-15C.

Saturday will see plenty of showers around with spells of sunshine in between but it is looking mainly cloudy and as a result cool with highs likely to stay below 20C for most. An area of more persistent rain spreads in from the Atlantic late Saturday into Sunday and so Sunday starts off wet for most but we should see sunshine appearing through the afternoon. Highs again will be disappointing compared to recent times at 16-20C.

Monday starts off the week on a sunshine and showers note. High 16-20C.

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