Austria Sets All-Time Record In Midst Of Europe Heatwave Which Started Over UK

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It’s back to normality over much of Western Europe after the UK endured it’s third warmest July on record. Cooler westerly winds are back in control but all the heat which baked western areas last month hasn’t disappeared but simply shifted east and the heat is ON big-time across the Mediterranean basin as well as central areas of the continent.

A strong upper level ridge of high pressure has been baking the Mediterranean and that heat has been pumped up into the Alpine Region where temperatures exceeded 40.5C in the town of Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, Austria which makes for the country’s hottest temperature on record. According to the Capital Weather Gang, it’s topped 40C in Hungary and Poland too.

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Capital Weather Gang also state that Austria topped a new all-time record last week with a high of 39.9C or 103.8F at Dellach, Carinthia on August 3. Not only has Austria saw a nationwide record high but all-time provincial highs too with the capital, Vienna soaring to 39.5C.

Check out the 500mb geopotential height anomalies in July.


Here they are since August 1.


The Islands dotting the Med as well as the countries rimming the Sea separating Europe from Africa have ranged between 32-38C widely. There has been little relief at night either with temperatures holding up at 24-26C widely. The coast of Sardinia and Italy’s Adriatic coast only dropped to 28C yesterday morning.

Here are the lows recorded yesterday morning and note the cool over parts of Spain, France and most of the UK and Ireland but the warmth over the Med.


Here are the highs. Check out how hot it was in the East!!


Western Europe will continue to experience a strongly Atlantic influenced pattern with sunshine and showers into next week while extreme heat eases over central Europe, gets pushes into the far east of the continent and contained to the south

Jet pattern according to the GFS into next week.

24 hrs


72 hrs


96 hrs






192 hrs


Here’s the ECMWF upper chart/850 temps into next week.

Sat 110


Mon 12


Wed 14


Fri 16


Sun 18


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