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It’s been a decent afternoon across much of the country with much of the rain from this morning dying out and turning into scattered showers. It’s a mainly dry night with clear spells and where those clear spells form, look out for mist and fog formation. Lows again cool into single figures away from towns and cities, perhaps down to 5C in a few spots. Closer to 10 or 11 in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness.

Tomorrow looks similar to today but without the rain draped across the Highlands. It’s largely fine, dry and settled with sunny spells and a few pop up PM showers. In the sunshine, temperatures warm nicely to between 17-21C. The rain nudging onto the West Coast through the day will eventually push inland through Thursday night into Friday.

Friday will see an area of rain spread west to east with frequent showers to follow Friday afternoon. Highs 16-19C.


It’s a fine end to a fine day with just a few showers dotted here and there. Beneath clear skies overnight tonight expect lows to drop well into single figures away from towns and cities. Lows in town and city centres hold up at 12-15C. Some rural areas may dip to 5C, possibly a touch lower.

Thursday looks to be another fine and bright day with good spells of warm sunshine. That warm sun will help trigger a few late morning and afternoon showers. Highs of 19 on the Northwest coast to 25C around London.

A frontal system pushes through tomorrow night into Friday bringing some wet weather but Friday overall looks to be another day of sun and showers.


It’s been a day of sunshine and showers and tonight, once the sun goes down, so the showers die away and skies clear out making way for a cool night with mist and fog. Lows dip to between 12-15C in Wrexham and Swansea but in rural areas it may go as low as 5C.

Thursday, like today starts off fine and dry with lots of blue skies but through the morning and into the afternoon, cloud bubble up and so the showers are born once again. Plenty of decent, warm sunshine though with highs again pushing 21C in Cardiff.

A front brings a spell of rain tomorrow night and that sets the scene for Friday with plenty of damp, cloudy conditions but sunshine reappears along with the showers through the afternoon. Highs 17-21C.

Northern Ireland

A fine end to the day across Ulster and it’s a clear and fairly cool night to come. While lows hold at 12C in Belfast and Derry, expect inland rural areas to fall towards 6 or 7C with mist and fog.

Thursday will start of decent with sunshine but expect cloud and eventually rain to push in from the west and it’s looking like a largely cloudy and damp end to Thursday. This dampness clears through tomorrow night and that leaves another day of sunshine and showers across the country Friday. Highs tomorrow and Friday range from 16-20C.


The sunshine and showers of today make way for a mainly dry night with plenty of clear skies and with a coolish air mass in place, so temperatures are allowed to fall away nicely. Towns and cities dip to around 10-13C but in rural areas, particularly across the Midlands, it may get down as low as 5C.

Through Thursday and scattered rain spreads west to east, clearing tomorrow evening. Highs 17-20C.

Friday will be another day of sunshine and showers. Highs 17-21C.

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