Chill Comfortably Outdoing Warmth Across Lower 48

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There is going to be increased interest in the warmth over top of the chill across North America through this week and into next as a ridge takes over much of the northern half of Canada but it’s as this warmth takes over, that the typically chilly early August air gets forced south underneath and so we’ve a very upside down temperature profile developing over the continent.

After a cool, refreshing past several days in the Eastern part of the country, change is on the way with the next trough coming into the Midwest and Great Lakes this weekend. It’s as the jet takes a dip over the Midwest that we’ll see a rise in the East and that means all the wet weather over the Heartland gets drawn east along with increased humidity and warmth once again. Look for an increase in shower and thunderstorm activity Wednesday through Friday from DC to NYC with a flirt with 90 again Philadelphia and Trenton Saturday once the warm front gets north of the area and the sunshine and SW flow kicks in. New York City should see at least mid to upper 80s but all depends upon how far north the front gets this weekend.

The mess that’s been over the Plains extending into the Tennessee Valley will push into the Mid-Atlantic late this week and don’t be surprised if there’s some sizeable rain totals across the region over the next 72 hours.

ECMWF 96 hour rainfall totals (through Friday)

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144 hour rain totals (through Sunday)

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The question is will this change last? The answer is no.

Check out the ECMWF upper chart and 850 temperatures today.. Nice cool, refreshing Canadian air dominates.


Here’s the weekend. Warmer and more humid with storms likely!


Here’s mid next week and back to cool and refreshing once again.


The next trough drops into the Upper Midwest and Lakes this weekend will slide east bringing back down those temperatures in the East next week. We may see the first 32F readings over Northern Minnesota with highs in southern Manitoba struggling to get out of the 40s, low 50s in Minnesota this weekend.

It should be of no surprise to you that cold records are completely outdoing warm records check out the difference last week.

Here’s the warm records set.


Here are the cold records.


Once August is by with, there are likely to be many more cold records set.

Looking down the road. It’s all about the cool unless your in Texas where the hottest spell of summer is underway.

Here’s the 8-14 day temperature anomalies off the CPC.

More tomorrow!

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