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It’s a soaker of a day across Southern Scotland with the bulk of the heavy rain generally from Dumfries on east towards the Borders up towards Edinburgh. A very different sort of day further north with a mix of sun and cloud over Glasgow, more plentiful sunshine up into the Northwest Highlands, generally cloudier into Aberdeenshire but staying mainly dry.

Overnight tonight and the heavy rain pushes out into the North Sea, skies turn clear for many and it will be a cool night with lows widely down to 9 or 10C in towns and cities, perhaps 5 or 6C in rural areas.

It’s a much better day across the South tomorrow and overall it’s a day of sunshine and showers with highs similar to today at 17-19C, perhaps locally 20C in the best of the sunshine.

Wednesday is looking mainly dry with just a few showers around.


It’s been a downright miserable day across the bulk of England with heavy pulses of rain spreading north through the afternoon. This area of rain clears out into the North Sea tonight allowing skies to clear. Lows  fall back to around 12-14C in towns and cities, nearer 9 or 10C in rural areas.

It’s a much better day to come Tuesday, after the flooding rains of today, it’s a day of sunshine and scattered cloud with little in the way of shower activity. With light winds and that strong early August sunshine, highs warm nicely to between 20-25C.

Wednesday looks similar to tomorrow with a mix of sun and cloud.


It’s been a very wet across throughout Wales and according to the BBC’s Derek Brockway, there has been more rain in the past 36 hours over parts of Wales than what fell throughout July. Tonight will see a mix of cloud and clear spells. Mist and fog and fresher with lows of 8C in rural areas, 12 to 14C in the major towns and cities.

A much better day to come tomorrow with a mix of sunshine and cloud, perhaps an odd shower here and there. Warmer than today at 18-20C.

Wednesday looks sunny, reasonably warm at 19-21C.

Northern Ireland

While the bulk of the UK has endured heavy rain and blustery conditions, Northern Ireland has enjoyed a mainly bright or sunny day with highs of 17-20C. Tonight will see cloud push north bringing some patchy showers here and there but it’s a fairly quiet night to come. Lows 9-13C.

Tuesday will see more in the way of cloud but it’s still pleasant with plenty of sunshine in between the cloud. Showers are possible in a few isolated areas through the day. Highs 17-20C.

Wednesday will be another day of sunshine and cloud with a few showers here and there.


It’s been a very wet down across the South and up the East Coast of Ireland today while much of the rest of the country has stayed dry with the best of the sunshine towards the West. That heavy rain is now pushing out across the Irish Sea and that means a much quieter night to come with a mix of cloud and clear spells. Lows 9-13C.

It’s a much better today to come tomorrow across the country with a mix of sunshine and showers. Highs 17-21C.

Wednesday looks mainly fine and dry with just a few showers here and there. Similar temperatures to today and tomorrow.

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