Heat Removed From UK After Hottest August Day Since 2003, 90-95F Over France, Belgium, Netherlands Today

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Yesterday saw temperatures climb to 34.1C (93F) at Heathrow Airport to the west of London which not only made for the hottest day in the UK this year but the hottest August day in a decade. Not everywhere enjoyed hot sunshine of course as a frontal boundary kept conditions unsettled across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Today has seen the boundary drop back southeast helping spark heavy showers and thunderstorms over the very areas which roasted yesterday afternoon.

While temperatures across the Southeast UK and France soared to the highest levels of the year yesterday with Paris reaching 35C (95F), 12C above normal, they dropped today thanks to the presence of a frontal system sliding back across the UK and towards the mainland of Europe. The presence of this front meant a considerable fall in temperature for some and a rise for others. The front triggered hefty showers and thunderstorm over Southeast England this morning and dropped today’s high at Heathrow to only 25.7C (78F) compared to yesterday’s 34.1C (93F). In Paris, today’s high still hit a very respectable 33C (92F) but down on yesterday’s 35C (95F). The focus of today’s heat shifted east and north into Belgium and the Netherlands with a high of 34C (93F) today compared to yesterday’s 31.6C (89F) in Brussels while Amsterdam hit 32C (90F) today compared to 30.4C (87F) yesterday in Amsterdam.

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You can see the difference in the ECMWF upper charts and particularly the 850mb temps in which the reds lift north as the trough digs into the UK.





By tomorrow, temperatures throughout the low countries will have eased as the boundary pushes in sparking heavy showers and thunderstorms across Belgium and the Netherlands. The focus of heat will continue it’s northward journey. While it hit 26C (79F) in Copenhagen today, we should see 27 or even 28C (80-82F) tomorrow as warming southwest winds pick up and 850mb temps warm. Southern Sweden too should warm. It hit 26C (79F) today, tomorrow should beat that.


By Sunday the warmth eases by a degree or two in Copenhagen but the ridge will be centred over Scandinavia, the heart of this northern part of Europe may enjoy the warmest conditions of the year so far with highs climbing towards 25C (77F) all the way up into sub-arctic Sweden and Finland. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are a few record highs set near or even north of the arctic circle late this weekend while it’s back to normal across the UK, France and the Low Countries with Atlantic influence.

As we look towards next week. I am unimpressed by the setup I am seeing. It appears we may be entering that benign, Atlantic or trough dominated pattern. Spells of rain along with sunshine and showers. Temperatures look to remain largely near normal over the next 10-15 days with no real return of the heat and ridging on the horizon. We’ve now entered August and when analysing the summer so far and what we’re entering now. The best of summer is now over in my opinion and while we will still have decent summer-like day with sunshine and warmth. The pattern we enjoyed back last month is unlikely to return and it appears we have now entered that stubborn and much more typical summertime UK pattern which will more than likely take us into autumn.

For those that enjoy summer more than winter, the good news is I don’t see any early arrival of autumn for at least the first half of August. We’ll have more warm, sunny days to come but rain will never be too far away.

Here’s the ECMWF upper chart/850 temps through next week.

Mon 5


Wed 7


Fri 9


Sun 11


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  1. Michael says:

    Copenhagen reached 26, like you say, but Karup in central Jutland in the western part of Denmark reached 33,3C this afternoon. The hottest day in 12 years. Tomorrow the coldfront will make it’s way eastwards and it will apparently already be noticably cooler in Jutland before noon with 20-24C. The eastern part of Denmark will problably reach 27-28C, like you say. Copenhagen is the candidate for the hottest location before the cooler air reaches Copenhagen as well sometime during the afternoon hopefully with some thunder. I really hope for some thunder…we haven’t had a decent thunderstorm in this region since 2011, so it’s about time.

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