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It’s been a pleasant day with just a few scattered showers which have been mainly confined to the hills through the afternoon. Winds have been fresh to strong, particularly along the West Coast where they’ve touched gale-force. Those southerly winds and sunshine helped boost temperatures into the low 20s widely, mid-20s for the sheltered Moray coast.

Tonight will see any showers largely die out but an area of rain will push into Argyll and the Northwest Highlands overnight, this should stay mainly north and west of the Glasgow to Edinburgh corridor. With lower humidity than last night and recent nights, temperatures should cool to between 8C in rural of Aberdeenshire, perhaps the Southern Uplands to 13 or 14C in towns.

Saturday will be a day with plenty of sunshine but get north and west of the Central Lowlands and you may run into that rain spreading into the West. Further south and east and it’s largely sunny with showers popping up through the afternoon. Those showers should be well scattered though with good spells of sunshine in between. Highs cooler than today at 18-21C.

Sunday will see a new band of rain spread in from the west later in the day. Brightest and warmer further East.

Further sunshine and showers to come Monday with a fresher feel, highs 17-20C.


It’s been a much cooler day compared to yesterday where in fact it was the hottest August day in the UK since 2003. Overnight temperatures held in the 20s across Southern parts and even the 18-20C range across most areas. Last night was likely the warmest night of the year. Tonight will be a good deal fresher with showers of today continuing through the night. Lows 11-16C.

Saturday dawns dry and bright for many, particularly in Central and Eastern areas but further west and there’s a fresher westerly breeze and that breeze will be bringing in those showers. Through the morning and into the afternoon those showers will become more widespread and quite heavy in places, however, in between the showers there’s plenty of sunshine and it will be quite warm in that sunshine with highs generally of 20-22C, possibly 25C in the Southeast.

As for Sunday, an area of rain of which could turn heavy will spread into Southwest England and this should progress east through the day, breaking up into showers over Eastern parts. Highs 19-22C.

Monday looks to be another day of sunshine and showers. Highs even cooler at 17-21C.


It’s a much fresher day compared to yesterday where it managed to hit 29C in Cardiff. Sunshine and showers is the dominant theme today with showers continuing through the overnight and into tomorrow. Overnight lows stay mild but not quite as warm as last night, 13-16C.

Saturday will be pleasant with more sunshine and showers. Some places may manage to dodge them altogether while others see them off and on through the day. Highs of 20-23C.

Sunday will be much the same with similar temperatures but through the day a band of moderate to heavy rain will spread across the country from the Bristol Channel.

Once the rain clears Monday morning, it’s another day of sunshine and showers across the country. Highs 18-21C.

Northern Ireland

After a day of sunshine and showers along with temperatures in the 18-21C range, tonight will see those showers die off and beneath clear spells, it’s cooler and fresher with a fresh WSW breeze. Lows 12-14C.

Saturday starts off fine, dry and sunny with warmer temperatures but it’s as the land heats, so those showers kick of and some of these may be turn with hail and thunder. A touch fresher tomorrow with highs of 18-20C.

Sunday will be a near repeat of tomorrow with a fine start but as the daytime heating kicks in, so the showers develop.

Rain spreads in Monday to make for a wetter, cloudier day with highs of 17-19C.


It’s a largely fine, dry and settled night to come with scattered showers largely dying out through the night. Fresher than in recent nights with lows of 12-15C. Westerly winds will be fresh to strong along the Atlantic coast. Saturday will quickly turn showery and those showers will become widespread, perhaps clumping together to provide longer spells of rain. It’s looking largely cloudy but there will be pockets of sunshine to be had too. Highs down on today at 18-21C.

More rain spreads from SW to NE across the country through Sunday and indeed Monday also. Highs 18-20C.

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