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It’s been a damp, dreary, warm and humid afternoon but the good news is, the rain should continue to lift north of Southern and Central areas, perhaps allowing for some late day sunshine. Even in the North, the rain should break up overnight. It will be a warm, muggy, misty and murky night to come with a lot of moisture hanging in the air. Lows 15-18C.

Friday will see outbreaks of rain turning showery into the afternoon as sunshine breaks through for many. With a deep low by July standards just to the west, winds will be fresh to strong out of the SSW. Highs 19-23C.

More sunshine and showers to come Saturday.


After a hot day with temperatures widely into the upper 20s/low 30s, showers will develop over Southern counties this evening but these will be well scattered. Most areas will be clear but very misty and murky overnight. It will also be an unusually warm night with lows only dipping to between 17-21C thanks to all the heat and all the moisture in the air.

The showers which develop this evening and overnight will be a sign of things to come Friday with plenty more showers developing through the day as a weak front drops back SE. Though still warm, it won’t be anything close to what we saw today with generally highs of 22-27C.

Sunshine and showers Saturday with a stiff breeze in the North.


It’s been a very warm to hot day across much of Wales with temperatures soaring into the 25-28C range but some southern and western areas have seen cloud, mist even drizzle through a good part of the day. Into tonight and it’s fine, dry and warm with a lot of humidity in the air. Lows of 16-18C.

Friday turns wet for some as rain spreads in from the south. The breeze picks up too and while still warm, it’s not as warm as today at 21-24C.

Sunshine and showers for Saturday.

Northern Ireland

It’s been a wet and dreary day across Ulster with temperatures held down by a lot of low cloud but through the early evening we should start to see breaks in the cloud deck and this may allow for some drying and a pleasant end to the day. Through the overnight and showers will become few and far between but for some they continue, others it turns clearer. Lows tonight stay up with a humid feel. Lows 14-16C.

Friday will be a day of sunshine and showers. Highs 19-21C. More sun and showers Saturday with slightly lower temperatures.


It’s been a day of sunshine and showers across Ireland and while this setup continues into the overnight, we should see those showers ease for many. A mild night to come with lows of 12-16C.

Friday and Saturday will see more sunshine and showers with temperatures, like today climbing to between 20-24C.

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