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It’s been a fresher day than of late with temps only managing 18 to 20C despite decent spells of afternoon sunshine and a much better day compared to the heavy, more frequent showers of yesterday. Through this evening any showers which popped up should quickly die away leaving a largely dry night with decent clear spells. Beneath those clear spells, rural areas should cool nicely to around 9 or 10C, perhaps an odd spot down to 7 or 8C.

Wednesday is looking better still with plenty of sunshine and a touch warmer at 19-21C but into tomorrow evening and cloud and rain will spread up from the South and this sets the stage for a wet day for all Thursday.

Thursday will see persistent rain, some of which may well be heavy with embedded thunder, lightning and hail across Southern and Central parts but improving as the day goes on in the South. Highs 20-23C.


It’s been a much fresher day throughout England with the coolest temps in weeks with maximum readings only managing to scrape 20-21C. There’s also been plenty of heavy, thundery showers to contend with along with persistent rain along the South Coast. Into this evening and a lot of those showers fade but through the overnight an arm of rain spreads west to east across Southern England, reaching East Anglia by the middle part of the night. It will stay warm and humid overnight in the South despite turning wetter but it cools nicely through the Midlands and especially further north under clear skies. Lows of 16 or 17C in the far South, 10C in the far North.

Wednesday will see the rain band which sets up across the South overnight lift north bringing a wet day to Birmingham, eventually up into Manchester and late in the afternoon, Lancashire and Cumbria. Temps warm in the South to 22 or 23C with humidity on the rise on the backside of the warm front.

Thursday sees the rain push north of the Border while it turns downright hot and humid again in the South and Midlands in the sunshine. Highs of 23C in Carlisle, 25C Manchester, 27C Birmingham and 30C London.


It’s a mainly fine and dry end to the day across Wales with any op up afternoon showers quickly dissipating. Unfortunately the dry conditions soon end beyond 9 or 10pm and a band of quite heavy rain spreads into Pembrokeshire and eventually envelops the country through the night. This rain is likely to turn heavy and persistent but it stays mild overnight at 13-16C.

Wednesday looks to be a largely wet, dreary day but conditions should improve through the afternoon from south to north and it will turn increasingly warmer and more humid as the warm front clears. It should be a mainly dry and fine end to the day tomorrow.

Thursday will be a very different day to Wednesday with warm to very warm hazy sun along with a much muggier feel once again. Highs 22-26C.

Northern Ireland

The hefty showers which have once again built up through the day but not to quite the ferocity of yesterday thanks to slightly cooler surface temps, these quickly die out once the sun sets tonight. Clear skies and light winds tonight mean a fresher night than of late with lows of around 10C but in sheltered rural areas we could see 8 or 9C with mist and fog.

Wednesday is looking fine, dry and sunny and a touch warmer perhaps than today but through the afternoon, a band of rain looks set to push into the South bringing a damp end to the day. Highs 19-21C. Through the evening and into Thursday morning that rain should spread in more Northern areas and this sets the scene for a damp day across particularly eastern areas, brighter further west. Highs 19-22C.


It’s been another day of sun and showers but into tonight conditions go down hill quickly as a band of heavy and persistent rain spreads across the South. Through the overnight this rain nudges up into the Midlands but it stays mainly dry and clear further North. Lows 10-16C.

Through Wednesday and the heavy rain continues it’s journey north, perhaps bringing a flood risk to parts of the Midlands as the rain turns increasingly heavy into the afternoon. Most will see a late afternoon, turning warmer, more humid and drier later in the day across the South.

Thursday will be warm and humid in the South but damp, cloudy and cooler in the North but all will be muggy. Highs 21-25C.

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