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It’s looking rather unsettled throughout this week across Scotland with a lot of showers dotted around today, some could be heavy packing thunder and lightning. While largely cloudy for most, sunny spells should appear in places through the afternoon. Highs 18-21C.

Showers continue overnight but should be less and more spaced out. Lows 12-15C.

Tuesday looks similar to today but a fresher westerly breeze should keep showers moving. Like today, some will be thundery but in between expect sunny spells. Cooler with the west wind with highs of 17-20C.


The new workweek kicks off with a sunshine and showers regime with highs climbing into the low 20s for most, perhaps peaking at 23 or 24C in Kent. Tonight will see those showers die out with skies turning clear, however an area of thickening cloud and rain will push into the Southwest corner overnight and this will set the scene for a wet Tuesday in the South. Lows remain mild at 14-17C.

Tomorrow will see that rain advance across the South Coast through the day with longer spells of rain spreading all the way to London and Suffolk. Further north up into Birmingham, Manchester and Carlisle, it’s another day of sunshine and showers. Feeling a touch fresher with highs of 18-21C.

Wednesday will see the southerly rain band intensify and push north making for a very wet day across the Midlands, eventually lifting into the North later in the day. It turns warmer and increasingly more humid further south behind the warm front.


The first half of the week looks rather unsettled with a persistent SW breeze. Though today and Tuesday will see plenty of hefty showers, some sunshine will appear in between those and in that sun, highs will push 21 or 22C. Tonight will see clearing skies but remaining mild at 13-16C.

Tuesday will see a more organised area of rain spread across the country but it should ease later in the day perhaps making for a drier, brighter end to Tuesday.

More rain Wednesday but through the day it should be an improving picture with warming temperatures and an increase in humidity.

Northern Ireland

Heavy downpours will dominate today and tomorrow with a cooler, fresher feel with highs only making it to 18 or 19C. Overnight those showers persistent but the widespread coverage should become less overnight.

Through tomorrow and once the sun reappears, so those showers pep up once again. They should be a little quicker clearing your area tomorrow with a fresher westerly breeze. Highs remain cooler at 16-19C.

Wednesday will turn increasingly wet with a canopy of very heavy rain spreading up from the southwest. This could pose a problem Wednesday evening with flooding possible.


This week is looking rather unsettled for much of the country with pulses of energy pushing up from the SW. Today and tomorrow will see heavy showers across most of the country. Overnight, these showers remain persistent but they may be less in coverage during the dark hours of night.

Tuesday night into Wednesday will see heavier, more organised rain spread northeastwards covering the whole country. This could make for a very poor Tuesday night into Wednesday period with localised flooding possible.

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