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This morning’s very heavy band of rain which pushed up through Dumfries and Galloway and the Central Lowlands was followed this afternoon by intense downpours. These downpours, produced by towering cumulonimbus clouds packed thunder and lightning and produced flooding in very short periods of time, especially in urban areas where water struggles to drain. It was another warm and muggy afternoon once again. Thankfully these cells have been on the move and while some had flooding rain, others enjoyed warm sunshine.

Through tonight the showers should loose intensity once the daytime heating is lost but for some, showers linger while others see mist and fog reforming. It’s another mild, muggy night with lows of 13-16C.

More heavy, thundery showers tomorrow with spells of warm sunshine, highs of 20-23C.


After another warm, humid and largely bright or sunny afternoon following a wet, stormy start, showers and thunderstorms became few and far between late in the day. The bulk of England is in for another quiet, mild and muggy night with temperatures dipping back to between 14-17C.

Friday is looking for the most part, fine, dry, warm and sunny with just an odd shower here and there. Highs of 22-26C.

Keeping a close eye on a system which could bring flooding rains and thunderstorms to Southeast England Saturday. (Post coming shortly on this)


It’s been yet another beautiful, warm and sunny day across Wales with temperatures into the 22-25C range. Tonight will be a carbon copy of recent nights with a mix of cloud and clear spells, just an odd shower. Lows of 14-16C with mist and fog forming in rural areas.

Friday looks like another warm, sunny day with just an odd shower dotting the landscape. Highs of 21-23C. Much the same Saturday.

Northern Ireland

It’s been an active day of weather across Ulster with plenty of localised downpours with sunshine was around too which allowed temperatures to spike to 22C in places. Tonight will loose the showers as we loose the heat of the day. Expect mist and fog to reform. Another warm night at 13-16C.

Friday  looks much like today with plenty of hefty showers bubbling up with daytime heating but sunshine will be enjoyed in between those showers. Highs of 20-23C.

Turning a touch more settled into Saturday, staying warm.


It’s very much a sunshine and heavy shower or thunderstorm regime throughout the Republic today and tomorrow with less shower activity Saturday. Highs remain in the 21-25C range. Overnight conditions will continue to see a mix of clear spells and cloud with most showers and storm quickly dying out after dark. Lows remain at 13-16C.

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