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It’s been a better day across Scotland than it was yesterday with more in the way of sunshine, however the warm sun did help bubble up some heavy, thundery downpours this afternoon, perhaps producing local flooding in places. In between the showers it was warm and sunny. Into tonight and the showers of today die away once we loose the heat of the day but a band of very heavy rain associated with the next front will push into Dumfries and Galloway overnight with embedded thunder and lightning, hail and gusty winds. There will be a risk of poor driving conditions and local flooding. Expect lows no lower than 14-16C.

The potent front will sweep north through the Central Lowlands up into the Highlands and Northeast during Thursday with sunshine and thundery showers following. Highs similar to today at 21-25C. Staying humid.

Showers clear to the north with decent spells of sunshine Friday afternoon, highs of 21-25C.


Following a warm and largely dry and bright day with many reaching 22 to 26C, it’s a quiet start to tonight but through the overnight a band of heavy, thundery rain spreads NNE. Initially it’s the Southwest which gets a good soaking, then Western and eventually Northern areas, the rain turning patchier and more showery the further east you go. Lancashire and Cumbria may be in for some torrential rains which is likely to produce local flooding and poor travel conditions. Lows tonight stay warm at 15-19C.

It’s a damp start to Thursday for much of the country with plenty of scattered showers, these showers turn heavier once we get some daytime heating which adds lift to the atmosphere. For much of the Midlands on south expect sunshine and sharp showers, cloudier with spells of more prolonged rain further north but even here, sunshine may break through later in the afternoon. Highs of 22-26C.

Plenty of warm sunshine with highs of 22-26C Friday.


Another dry and warm day across much of Wales with a few showers dotting the landscape here and there but big changes arrive tonight as a band of heavy or very heavy rain spreads north across the country and this is likely to produce local flooding and poor driving conditions. Lows tonight hold up at 15-18C and staying muggy.

Into Thursday and after a damp, cloudy start, skies brighten widely through Thursday morning and this will allow not only warming but increased instability in the atmosphere which means sharp, hefty, thundery showers will develop, focused mainly in the North while Mid to South Wales should stay largely bright or sunny. Highs 22-25C.

Plenty of warm sun and highs of 21-25C Friday.

Northern Ireland

It’s been a warm, showery afternoon across Northern Ireland but in between those showers plenty of warm summer sunshine. Tonight will start off quiet with showers from today dying out but a band of heavy rain will sweep north overnight bringing a spell of heavy rain with embedded downpours. Lows tonight hold up at a muggy 14-17C.

Sunshine and showers through Thursday with highs of 21-25C.

More sunshine come Friday with highs of 21-25C.


It’s been a warm Wednesday with heavy thundery showers for many with highs reaching 21-25C. Tonight will see an area of heavy, persistent rain ridge up the East Coast bringing a decent soaking to Cork up towards Dublin overnight, more showery further West. Lows tonight hold at 15-17C.

Thursday is looking similar to today with sunshine and showers, highs of 21-25C.

Less showers and more sun for Friday, highs of 22-26C.

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