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It’s been an active and rather different day across the country with hefty showers and thunderstorms rumbling generally south to north through this morning and afternoon. Rain and storminess will linger tonight up and down the Eastern flank of the country but it turns drier further west. Lows stay mild at 15-17C and staying humid.

Tomorrow will be a better day compared to today but more showers will spread north and some of these will pack a punch with heavy, torrential downpours which could produce local flooding as well as hail, gusty winds and lightning. It remains warm and humid with highs of 21-15C.


It’s been a stormy day across much of England with some very strong thunderstorms which spread north through the day. Some of these brought 1 inch per hour rain, gusty winds, hail and a lot of lightning. These storms were fuelled by some very warm and moist air which has been pouring north from France. Tonight will see the worst of the weather push out into the North Sea, lingering along the East Coast while elsewhere it’s a much better night with clear spells developing. Staying warm at 16-19C.

Wednesday is looking like a much quieter day with far fewer showers and a lot more sun. Some showers will develop but the dominant factor will be more sun than showers. Highs of 21-27C.


It’s a fine end to what has been a largely fine day with just a few showers here and there. Tonight will see a cloud and clear sky mix, staying warm at 15-17C.

Wednesday looks to be much like today with plenty of sun mixed with cloud. Highs down on recent days but staying pleasantly warm at 21-25C.

Northern Ireland

After a warm, muggy and showery afternoon, tonight sees the atmosphere calm as the air slowly cools. Largely clear and calm tonight but staying muggy and mild at 14-16C.

Wednesday dawns quiet with sunshine but once the daytime heating kicks in expect those pop-up showers and thunderstorms to redevelop. Highs of 21 or 22C.


It’s been a day of sunshine and showers across the Republic with some localised flooding in areas as the rain took no time coming down. It’s been another warm, humid day though certainly not as warm as late. Tonight will be quiet with lows dropping to between 15-17C.

More showers and thunderstorms will build through Wednesday morning and lift north through the afternoon. Once again expect local flooding. Highs of 21-24C.

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