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After a terrific weekend, the warmth continues into a new week and you’ll notice the humidity on the rise as air flow up from England. A few pop up showers into this evening but all in all it’s quiet with plenty of cloud and tonight could well be one of the warmer night’s we’ve had, holding widely in the 16-17C range in towns, only a degree or so lower outwith in rural areas.

Late in the overnight period expect rain to push northwards into Southern parts and this extends into the Central Lowlands through the morning. With warm, humid air we could see embedded thunderstorms mixed with the longer spells of rain. This will be scattered, but most should see it. Highs remain warmer than normal for the time of year at between 21-25C.

After a wet night tomorrow, particularly in the East, Wednesday looks to see a day of sunshine and thundery showers. Staying warm and humid 21-14C.


Today has become England and the UK’s warmest day of the year and since July 2006 and tonight will be rather different compared to the past 3 weeks with heavy thundery rains spreading north across the country from France. A lot of moisture in the atmosphere will hold temperatures up considerably tonight. How warm? 17C for most towns and cities but in London it may get no lower than 22 or 23C. Rain and thunderstorms will rumble away through the night, they will be scattered with some seeing little.

Tuesday is looking unsettled, warm and humid. You could call it tropical! Some sunshine will peek through for some while other endure a flooding downpour, perhaps a dazzling lightning display. Highs are warm once again, although down on today at 23-28C.

Sunshine and showers for Wednesday, staying warm and humid 22-26C.


It’s a hot and humid start to the workweek throughout Wales with the warmest readings since mid last week. Through tonight and any shower and isolated thunderstorm which pops up should die away and it’s a largely quiet but warm and muggy night to come with lows widely no lower than 16-19C. Potentially the warmest night yet with all the moisture hanging in the air.

Tuesday will see some big thunderstorms developing and these will move south to north and could pack flooding rains, hail and gusty, possible damaging winds (locally). The focus will be further east with a slightly less active day towards the West Coast. Highs will be well down on today but staying warm and humid at 21-25C.

A touch quieter Wednesday with more sunshine but the thunderstorm risk remains along with the muggy feel. Highs of 21-25C.

Northern Ireland

It’s a warm, muggy but quiet start to a new week across NI with temperatures generally in the 21-25C range with a mix of sun and cloud. Through tonight and the quiet theme continues with cloud thickening overnight, perhaps providing the odd sharp shower, even rumble of thunder. It’s another mild, muggy night with lows of 15-17C.

Tuesday will see showers developing over the Rep and moving north into more western parts of Ulster but later in the day those showers could become more widespread into more central areas, staying somewhat drier and quieter from Newry up to Belfast. Highs of 21-24C.

Mix of sun and cloud, staying warm at 20-23C Wednesday.


Following a very pleasant, warm weekend, the new workweek starts off an a similar note with a mix of sun and cloud with warm temps and a muggy feel. Tonight will see largely cloudy skies with a few showers lingering or perhaps developing. It’s another mild and muggy one with lows widely dipping no lower than 15-18C.

Tuesday will see heavy showers and thunderstorms developing in the South Tuesday morning and these will track north through the day. Most will see a spell of heavy, perhaps thundery rain but it stays warm at 21-25C.

Wednesday will see more of the same as another front swings in from the south. Staying warm and humid 21-25C.

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