Lakehurst, NJ Tops 108 With RF of 122, Back To The LOW 80s Monday!

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Temperatures throughout the Northeast have sizzled for the past 6 days with 90 or above in most sites away from the shore.

While Central Park, NYC was 2 degrees lower than yesterday at 96 and Philadelphia was matched yesterday at 97, I want to take you to Lakehurst, New Jersey where the temperatures apparently hit 108 with a real feel of 122 degrees. Up in Boston and the temperature broke a record by reaching 99. It wasn’t far from the century mark up in Burlington, VT where it hit 98 today, a full 3 degrees WARMER than Washington DC.

Here are today’s temperatures according to



Saturday looks to be another hot day with many registering day 7 as it gets above 90 once again, although the cooldown has begun with many areas dropping by 3-6 degrees off Friday. However a cold front now dropping through the Great Lakes, should reach the Big Cities late Saturday. Most should be back in the 80s Sunday after the front clears and by Monday it’s LOW 80s for Boston and NYC while mid-80s for Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC.

Through next week, the ridge builds Out West once again and retrogrades east into the Plains. The latest run of the ECMWF continues to show 100s for the Central and eventually Southern Plains and I remain with my original idea of 100 back into Dallas later next week, perhaps extending as far south as Houston.

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Think it’s cool to start the week, it may be even fresher to end the week. With the below chart for next Thursday, I wouldn’t be surprised if NYC, even Philly was down into the 70s for a few days.


Note the heat spreading into the Plains. After a fairly uneventful summer in terms of heat, Denver looks to see a couple of days in the 100s and this may extend up into Rapid City, SD.

The below chart for next Saturday shows a strong ridge over Texas. This would bring 100s back to Dallas and likely Houston too.


The 6-10 and 8-14 day CFSv2 shows a cool look across the country with the exceptions of the Plains.


Note in the Aug 2 through 15th period. the majority of the Lower 48 is normal to below with heat shrinking in the Plains. It turns hot up in the PNW and Western Canada. Cool over Eastern Canada.


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