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A stunning summer’s weekend is on offer right across Scotland as high pressure sits directly overhead. After what is likely to have been Scotland’s warmest day of the year so far, it’s a near perfect night to spend time outdoors with temps holding in the mid-20s till 7Pm, 21C till 9-10pm and only gradually cooling after dark. Mist and low cloud will encroach from off the North Sea tonight spreading through the Central Lowlands possibly reaching Glasgow, elsewhere it’s clear and mild with lows of 12-17C.

Saturday will be a near repeat of today with unbroken hot sunshine on offer. Always a touch cooler in the East with highs of 18C along the coast, 24C inland but head further west and your looking at another 26-29, locally 30C day.

Sunday stays much the same with more abundant, strong, hot July sunshine with a similar temp profile across the country. Western coastal areas will be a lot warmer than in the East thanks to offshore W winds which shut down the sea breeze and cooling effect at Girvan, Ayr and Gourock (28C) while only 18-20C with possible mist, low cloud and haar at Berwick, Burntisland, St Andrews up to Aberdeen.

Monday sees little change with more sun and plenty of warm weather.


The warmest conditions today over England have been in more Western areas stretching from Devon and Cornwall up through the West Midlands, the Liverpool and Manchester area and up into Lancashire and Cumbria. Further east and mist, low cloud and a fresh east wind has pegged back temps with only 18-20C along the immediate North Sea coast, 22-24C even for points inland to the east of the Pennines.

Through tonight and after a great night for a BBQ, a thick bank of mist, low cloud and sea fog will envelop much of eastern and central England, possibly reaching as far west as Liverpool, Manchester Birmingham. Overnight lows will hold at 13 or 14C in rural areas but nearer 15-18C in towns and cities.

Through Saturday and that thick layer of low cloud could be stubborn to clear eastern England and so expect a cooler day still from Newcastle to London with highs reaching 21 to 26C despite afternoon sunshine returning. Immediate coastal areas could stay mainly cloudy, holding temps back to a cool 17 or 18C but again, temps are off to the races further west with the same areas as today back up into the 25-29, locally 30C range.

Much the same for Sunday with the best of the sun west of the Pennines. Potentially heating up some for Monday further south but all in all, our Mediterranean-like weather continues well into next week. Potentially getting warmer again.


Today has been a particularly hot one over Northwest Wales with temperatures topping 30C at Porthmadog while many other places including far western areas which have reached 27 to 29C beneath cloudless skies. Tonight, like for the poast week or so will see slow cooling through the night with mist and some low cloud rolling in from the east but that brings little relief to what will be another warm night with lows of 13C in the countryside to 16 or 17C in many towns and cities.

Saturday will be another beautiful summer’s day but the one slight difference will be the easterly breeze which will take 1-2C off today’s values, perhaps making it that little bit more comfortable, especially with a breeze. Expect highs of 23-28C.

Sunday and Monday is looking much the same with mist, low cloud burning off through the morning, giving way to warm or very warm sunshine and highs of 23-28C.

Northern Ireland

Today has become Northern Ireland hottest of the year with a high topping 30C at Castlederg in Tyrone, elsewhere temps have climbed to between 24-27C widely beneath wall to wall sunshine. Tonight will be another mild one with mist and low cloud rolling in from off the channel. Expect lows of 15-17C by 5am Saturday.

Saturday will be a repeat of today’s conditions with in sunshine and temperatures although it may be a fraction cooler along the east coast with a slightly fresher easterly breeze. That breeze may keep coastal areas a touch cloudy through a good part of the day but head inland and there’s no cloud and plenty of heat. Highs widely back into the 24-26C range. Potentially another 30C for Tyrone.

Sunday and indeed Monday sees little difference with high pressure remaining strong and keeping things very warm and settled. Highs in the 23-27C range.


In the past 7-14 days there has been little change in the day by day forecast right across Ireland thanks to a strong blocking high which has kept things warm to hot and indeed very sunny and this weekend, guess what.. more of the same. Today saw highs approach 30C in a few locales, widely 24-27C.

Saturday, Sunday and indeed Monday will see more of the same although tomorrow may be 1-2C cooler than today and by Monday, perhaps a touch cooler with highs down towards the 23-25C range. Overnight conditions will continue to see slow cooling with mist and low cloud lapping onto the east coast, perhaps drifting inland with lows dipping to between 13-17C.

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