Finally Summer Heat For Northern Rockies/Plains, Texas Turns Hot Again!

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The focus of heat right now is over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic of course and today has become the warmest day of the year for the Big Cities. It got up to 98 this afternoon in both Philadelphia and New York’s Central Park while it hit 100 in ‘typically hotter’ Newark.  JFK too made it to 100 where it was a record and a little more unusual.

Overnight lows have been more impressive with this heat wave with daily record warm minimums being set in Boston, New York and down in DC. Here are this AM’s lows. Didn’t get below 81 at Central Park.



While it may have been hotter today in NYC’s Central Park at 98 compared to 97 in PHL and ‘only’ 93 in DC, the humidity was HIGHER. NYC felt like 101 while both PHL and DC felt more like 106 thanks to higher dew points. Look out as overnight lows could be warmer tonight, especially PHL. Those highs in both PHL and DC btw aren’t a big deal for mid-summer and always remember that it was HOTTER on this date last year when these cities sizzled at 100 including The Park!

The next couple of days will see more mid and upper 90s along with stifling humidity and then a cold front sweeps down from Quebec, cleaning out the atmosphere for the second half of the weekend.

As for next week, we’re looking at more heat building north into Montana and the Dakotas and this will spread east from Great Basin to Plains. Look out Texas, despite a decent 2-4, locally 5-6 inches of rain in the ground, I’m thinking 100s mid to late next week back into Dallas and even Houston once again. Heck it’s summertime right?

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BTW, yesterday’s high got up to 90 FINALLY in Atlanta, GA. What’s significant about that is not only is it just the 4th 90 of the year so far but it was the 1st for July. One has to go back to 1975 for the last time Atlanta stayed below 90 for the first 17 days of the month.

As for Miami, it hit a relatively cool 83 today while yesterday it only hit 78. A record cool mid-July day for sure and in fact it was just 1 shy of the all-time record coldest July day!

Here’s the ECMWF for the weekend into next week and notice that the heat get’s slashed over the Northeast extending into the Mid-Atlantic. May see the last 90+ in NYC Saturday then into the low 80s Monday-Tuesday. Even mid-80s for PHL and DC.

Sat 20


Mon 22


Wed 24


Fri 26


Sun 28


Here’s the latest QPF rainfall chart for the next 7 days. Note there’s plenty of moisture continuing to stream into the Four Corners from Mexico and the Gulf while plenty of moisture also reside over the Ohio/Tennessee valleys.


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