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After a cloudy start for many, the sunshine continues to burn off cloud cover this afternoon and so the sunshine will turn to air very warm by 4 or 5pm with many up into the 25-27C range, always a touch warmer towards Aberdeenshire, Angus, Fife, Lothian and the Borders, perhaps an isolated 28C showing up. Even the cloudy and at times damp Northwest and Isles will turn sunny late this afternoon, helping lift the temperature up to 18 or 20C.

It’s a clear, quiet night for all with mist and fog patches developing, temperatures cool to between 10C in the countryside to 14C in town and city centres.

Friday shall be an even warmer day with more unbroken sunshine for the vast majority of the mainland. As the ridge of high pressure sits directly overhead, expect inland temperatures to push 26-28C with a couple of spots perhaps approaching the 30C mark.

Similar conditions for Saturday and indeed Sunday.


It’s a hot one out there for many with temperatures now up at 30-31C over a few spots in the Southeast and Southwest and it’s even approaching 30C over parts of the Midlands up into Yorkshire. It’s much more refreshing at the coast thanks to onshore winds.

Tonight will hold the heat till well after dark and I wouldn’t be surprised if many remained in the low to mid-20s right up till midnight despite clear skies. This air mass is warm to great depths and so even with lack of clouds, there is no release of the built up heat. Very gradual cooling will take place overnight with several spots likely to still be at 21C at 2 or 3am, cooling to a sultry, sticky 18-20C at 5 or 6am.

Friday will see the hottest temperatures stretch from the Midlands up towards the Scottish border with highs in Manchester, Lancaster and Carlisle all up into the 27-30C range. A touch cooler further south and particularly east of the Pennines thanks to a fresher NE breeze blowing in off the North Sea. In London for example, rather than 30C of today, it will be nearer 28C and a breeze will blow all the way up the Thames Estuary and into central London. The West country and West Midlands however may be just as warm as today at 26-29C.

It remains hottest north and west of Birmingham Friday but staying sunny and unseasonably warm throughout the country.


It’s a stunning and incredibly warm afternoon throughout inland Wales with temperatures widely reaching the mid to upper 20s with a few Southeastern locales including the Capital approaching 30C. Always more comfortable at the beach with an onshore wind helping keep temperatures at 21 or 22C.

Tonight’s a warm one for most living in the towns and cities, don’t expect much less than 16C at 5am tomorrow. That bit cooler outwith urban areas with 13C.

Another hot one tomorrow with easterly winds helping boost temperatures up towards 28 or even 29C along the West Coast with a reverse OFFSHORE wind. Widely 26-28C over inland parts.

A touch cooler but still very warm this weekend.

Northern Ireland

After a dull start, the sunshine quickly came out through the morning and into the afternoon those temperatures are off to the races with many pushing 25 to 27C this late afternoon hour. Warm and clear tonight with lows only falling to 15 or 16C in towns and cities, a cooler, more pleasant 12-14C in rural areas. Mist and fog will likely develop after dark.

The heat looks to be even stronger tomorrow with nationwide sunshine and temperature widely up into the 25-27C range. It’s possible we could see an approach of the all-time NI record somewhere in Tyrone late afternoon. That record by the way is 30.8C set in 1983.

Saturday looks to be a near repeat of tomorrow with abundant sunshine and exceptionally warm temperatures.


The heatwave continues across Ireland with temperatures once again topping out at between 24 and 26C with a few hot spots perhaps necking 27 or 28C. Beautiful warm end to the day with another sultry night to come with lows dipping only to 15 to 17C in most towns and cities, perhaps 12 or 13C in rural areas where mist and fog will redevelop.

It’s more of the same Friday with a touch more low cloud, mist and an onshore breeze along the Irish Sea coast but get inland, particularly through the Midlands, West and North and you’ll see those temperatures again climb beneath a blazing sun into the mid and upper 20s with a shot at 30C near to the Ulster border.

Warm and sunny again Saturday.

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