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The cloud continues to thin and break over many parts of Scotland, especially Western areas which have seen the thicker cloud in recent days. Even with clouds, temps will climb into the 21-23C range but any prolonged sunshine, expect highs up to around 26C, especially in the East. The dampness in the North and Isles should fade this evening while elsewhere it’s mainly clear and mild at 13-16C.

Thursday is looking sunnier and indeed warmer as high pressure builds back in. Expect low cloud and mist at the coast and perhaps far North where highs may stay in the teens but elsewhere beneath largely sunny skies, expect temps widely to reach 23-26, locally 27C.

Warmer still on Friday!


It’s another day of near wall to wall sunshine and very warm to hot conditions across the board as a strong upper level ridge of high pressure sits directly overhead. The warmest conditions this afternoon can be found between Birmingham where it will push 28C to London where 33C is possible. That would be the hottest in the UK so far. Elsewhere, it’s mid-20s widely away from the coast where it’s a refreshing 19-21C with onshore winds.

We do it all over again tonight with clear skies but little cooling. Head outwith towns and cities to find a comfortable 12-14C but in city centres, your talking 16-20, possibly 21C in London.

Same all over again Thursday with sun and lots of heat. Just a slight chance of a shower or storm. Head to the coast for relief. Highs 21C at the coast to 30C in London.

A touch cooler Friday into the weekend as NE winds kick in.


Through the rest of the day expect NO change with unseasonably warm sunshine and highs in the 25-28C range, always cooler and more refreshing at the coast thanks to an onshore breeze.

It stays very mild and muggy overnight despite clear skies. Temps will hold up at 21C in Cardiff and Monmouth likely to near midnight before cooling back to only 18C. 15-17C widely in towns and cities, nearer 13C in the cooler spots.

It starts all over again Thursday with more wall to wall sunshine and temps rising into the 25-29C range.

Northern Ireland

The sunshine will continue to gain ground across Ulster this afternoon as the high builds back north. Expect late afternoon highs of 23 to 25C, making for a perfect evening to sit out and relax after a hard days work. Through tonight and it cools minimally. Expect towns and cities to hold up at 15-17C, nearer 13 or 14C in rural areas.

More widespread sun from the word go Thursday and with stronger high pressure expect temps to widely reach 24-26, locally 27C.

Warmth continues to build Friday and into the weekend.


The very warm to hot and dry conditions persist across Ireland with little change on the way. Highs, like yesterday will reach 24-26C beneath blazing sunshine. Into this evening and it’s a pleasant one for sitting outside, especially if you don’t like the heat by day. Expect lows to fall to 13C in rural areas while towns and cities drop to a mere 15 to 17C.

More warmth, more abundant sunshine to come Thursday with similar temps to today.

Southern and eastern parts cool slightly Friday into the weekend as NE winds increase. Highs will range from 22-26C.

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