Midwest, Northeast Heatwave Breaks This Weekend, 100s Return To Dallas Next Week!

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The dog days of summer are well and truly here as much of the Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast enter a 4th day of 90s with mid to upper 90s surging up the I-95 corridor today from Richmond, VA all the way up to Boston and even extending into southern Ontario and Quebec. Little to no relief can be found during the overnight hours with lows in the Big Cities of the Northeast holding to around 80 at the ‘coolest’ part of the day so it sure is uncomfortable for sleeping as well as being out in during the afternoon hours.

However this is typical for mid-July of course and upper 90s occurs more or less every year. You’ll get a string of perhaps 5-7 days with lows only getting down to the mid or upper 70s while it soars into the mid or upper 90s during the afternoon.

For the past 3 summers, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York have all reached 100, so it could be worse. The heat and humidity this summer could be considered more typical compared to the past 3.

Source: AccuWeather

Source: AccuWeather

The good news is that an end is in sight as a cold front dives southeast out of Canada this weekend. Detroit, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City will all be in the firing line for powerful thunderstorms Friday. Behind the front, expect much more comfortable 80s and much lower humidity.

On Saturday the front brings cooling relief into the Appalachians including Pittsburgh, Scranton up to Albany and by Saturday, it’s the Big Cities from DC up to New York and Boston which get in on some strong thunderstorms which could drop a lot of rain in a short space of time. Damaging winds could also be a concern.

Source: AccuWeather

Source: AccuWeather

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ALL will have a much more comfortable few days following.


Source: AccuWeather

The latest ECMWF suggests the heat never comes back to near the same levels as what we’re seeing now through the following 7 days but heat builds into the Plains.

Below is the ECMWF upper chart for today and you can clearly see that powerful ridge centred over the Ohio Valley bringing hot, humid conditions to millions.


Here’s what it looks like Sunday once the front has cleared the Big Cities.


100s To Return To Dallas & Houston Next Week

Notice by Wednesday of next week, major heat builds back into the Plains, perhaps bringing the return of 100s to both Dallas and Houston Tuesday onwards.


As for the Plains and West, the upper low which brought the coldest July day on record to Waco and other North Texas towns and significant rains elsewhere is now bringing big rains into New Mexico, Arizona and up into Colorado.

Here’s the latest QPF chart for the next 3 days as well as the next 7.

Next 72 hrs


Next 7 days


Note the plentiful moisture over the Ohio and Tennessee valleys.

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