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After a cloudy but warm and muggy afternoon across Western and Northern parts, we should see some sunshine to end the day over Glasgow while staying sunny in the East. Light and patchy rain continues into the evening over the Western and Northern Isles and Northwest Highlands. Turning cloudy again overnight for most except for the East from Aberdeen down to Edinburgh. Warm tonight with lows no lower than 13 or 14C.

Wednesday will continue to see some rain spread into areas north of the Central Lowlands thanks to a stationary boundary in which pulses are running along. The rain remains north of the Central Lowlands and here it should brighten through the morning and afternoon, staying cloudy and cool to the north. Highs tomorrow will rise to 22C in Glasgow, 23C in Edinburgh, 24C in Hawick, 25C in Aberdeen but a mere 14C in Stornoway.

Thursday will see more rain in the North but turning warmer and sunnier further south, highs of 23-26C.


The Mediterranean-like forecast continues with lots of warm to hot sunshine to end the day right across the country and despite clear skies tonight, towns and cities will retain the intense heat till well after dark. Mist, low cloud and fog lap back onshore as the land cools but if your in a town or city, rest assured, it’s another balmy, tropical night to come with lows no lower than 15-19C, possibly holding at 20C in Central London.

Into Wednesday and the daily routine starts all over again with highs widely in the 24-26C range from Carlisle through York and Leeds to Manchester, 27-30C from Birmingham to Cardiff across to Cambridge and down to London. Multiple boroughs surrounding London should top 32, locally 33C. A pleasant onshore breeze at the coast, 19-22C.

An ever so slight trim in temperatures Thursday as the ridge builds north allowing more North Sea influence at the coast, sunny and warm for majority.


It’s another day of sunshine and highs into the mid-20s with a pleasant onshore breeze along the coast. Tonight, like recent nights will cool slowly and as the air does so, expect mist and fog to reform once again. Staying mild at 14-16C in most towns and cities, a more comfortable 12 or 13C in rural areas.

More abundant, dominant sunshine to come Wednesday with highs again rising into the 24-26C range across inland parts, especially near the English border. Always fresher with a pleasant breeze at the coast.

More sun and heat through the rest of the week.

Northern Ireland

It’s been a warm but largely cloudy day across Ulster but through this evening, don’t be surprised to get some late day sunshine. Through tonight and it’s a mix of clear spells and cloud with lows trimming back to typical levels of late, 13-16C with mist and fog redeveloping.

Another warm but brighter day Wednesday and with brighter skies expect it to be warmer than today at perhaps 22-24C. Thursday and towards the weekend, it becomes sunnier and warmer still with temperatures returning to the mid and upper 20s.


It warmth remains relentless throughout much of the Republic with an increase in cloud, even light drizzle along Atlantic coasts and across the North, bright or sunny further south and east where temperatures today reached the low to mid-20s yet again.

Another mild night to come beneath clear skies with lows dropping no lower than 13 or 14C even in rural areas.

Another warm, sunny day Wednesday with 24-26C highs widely away from the cooler coast. The heat remains strong all the way into the weekend.

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