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It’s a quiet start to the new week and an improving day following a cloudy but quiet start. Light and patchy rain has dominated the NW corner through the weekend with a fresh SW breeze but all in all it’s a fine afternoon with brightening skies for many. In the sheltered, sunnier East, highs will peak at around 23C, nearer 19-20C further West.

Through tonight an rain peps up to the WNW of Glasgow, largely captured by the Argyll Hills se little or no rain for Glasgow as well as central and eastern areas. Lows stay up at 12 to 16C.

Like today, Tuesday starts off gloomy, dull, possibly damp in the West, always brighter further east but it’s another day in which sunshine spreads west, keeping any rain up towards the Northwest Highlands. Highs shall widely push 21C, always warmer in the sunnier, sheltered East and Southeast at 24C. Cool at just 15 or 16C in the Western Isles, Northwest Highlands and Northern Isles.


It’s a new week and another hot one to come with today seeing blazing sunshine across much of the country. Away from the coast, highs are widely soaring into the mid to upper 20s and through tonight, it stays exceptionally warm well into the night despite clear skies. Lows will likely dip no lower than 17-21C from Manchester down through Birmingham and into London. Outwith major towns and cities it may dip to 13 or 14C.

Tuesday is no different with plentiful sunshine and temperatures of 23-26C in the North, 24-27C from Manchester to Birmingham and around 30C in London, local Southeast hot spots could see 32C. Coastal areas will warm to around 20 or 21C with a breeze developing during the afternoon.

A repeat on Wednesday.


Hot, dry and sunny is the plain and simple description of the weather throughout Wales for not only today but throughout the rest of this week. It really is like forecasting for somewhere in the Med Basin with lows tonight under a mix of cloud and clear spells dipping to between 12-16C. Tomorrow, like today will see mist, fog and low cloud burn back to the coast, making way for another warm and sunny day with highs of 21C at the coast to between 24-27C inland. Any rain will be highly localised with a minimal chance. Most won’t see a drop of rain till at least next week.

Northern Ireland

It’s a warm but mostly cloudy afternoon across Ulster but that cloud should break, providing a lovely end to the day. The dry, calm and settled weather continues tonight and through the next several days with no rain in sight. Lows tonight dip to between 13-16C.

Tomorrow expect largely overcast skies but it stays on the warm and humid side once again with highs of 20C in Derry, 21C in Belfast and 21C in Newry. Where it’s sunniest, expect highs to push 24C.

Skies turn sunnier and therefore warmer Wednesday onwards.


It’s somewhat cloudier today across the North and West while sunnier and warmer further South and East with highs once again soaring into the mid, locally upper 20s. Tonight’s dry, clear and warm with lows dipping to between 13-17C.

Warm, sunny and humid again tomorrow with more cloud in the North and West, highs similar to today. Potentially warmer and sunnier across a broader area of the country Wednesday.

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