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After what has been the warmest day yet for many towns and cities, this evening with remain very warm with temperatures holding at 21C will perhaps 11pm only falling to 16C for many my dawn tomorrow.

Light rain or drizzle for the West Coast and far North while a mix of mist,  low cloud or clear skies elsewhere.

Saturday will see a largely cloudy start but this cloud should thin and dissipate late morning into the afternoon but the most noticeable difference will be the cooler temperatures but still very pleasant at 19-23, locally 24C in the Southwest.

Sunday will be sunnier through much of the day with highs of 18-22C. Monday sees no chance with more plentiful sunshine and temperatures will remain in the 19-24C range.


Another warm end to what has been a warm, sunny and very dry week. Think it was warm today? Wait till tomorrow and after a balmy night with lows only dipping to between 16-18C for most urban areas, a touch cooler outwith, the heat builds fast through Saturday morning and by mid afternoon, expect highs of 24C in Carlisle, 27C in Manchester, 28C in Birmingham and a toasty 30C in London, perhaps 31 or 32C in a few favoured hot spots, i.e Heathrow, Northolt, Gravesend.

Could see an isolated thunderstorm here and there. Lows tomorrow night again hold up at 17-19C. Sunday will be a touch down on Saturday with highs of 22C in Carlisle, 24C in Manchester and 26 or 27C in London.

Warmth and sunshine lingers into the new work week with highs in the 21-26C range.


The warm up begins after brief cooling over the past few days. Today it got up to 27C while widely it hit 24 to 26C. A warm, humid night to come with no relief despite clear skies. Lows won’t get below 16 or 17C in Swansea, Cardiff up to Wrexham.

A downright hot one to come tomorrow beneath blazing sunshine. Highs widely will soar to between 26 and 28C but it may scrape 30C locally in the Southeast. A comfortable 19-21C at the beach where sea breezes will make it more tolerable.

Another warm one tomorrow night and Sunday and it will be a near repeat of today and tomorrow. While VERY warm once again, it will be a touch cooler with widespread highs of 24-27C.

High pressure and warm sunshine to remain into next week, highs of 20-26C. No rain in the forecast.

Northern Ireland

It’s been another very warm and sunny day throughout Ulster with highs once again soaring into the mid to upper 20s and this will lead to a perfect BBQ night with very slow cooling. In fact tonight could be the warmest night yet with lows of 15-17C which will make it uncomfortable for sleeping.

Saturday will see a cooler day with a mix of sun and cloud, highs of 19-22C, still very respectable for July and perhaps more pleasant for many.

Sunday and into early next week will continue to see warm sunshine with little in the way of rain, highs stay in the mild to warm 19-22C range.


A warm day makes way to a warm night and perhaps the warmest yet with lows widely struggling to get below 16 or 17C under clear skies.

Exceptional warmth by Irish standards will envelop the country Saturday and could be the warmest day of the year with highs reaching 30C in the interior South. While a touch cloud in the North, sunshine will be strong and relentless over the Midlands and South with widespread highs of 26-28C.

Sunny and warm Sunday but a touch cooler but highs will still be in the 22-25C range.

More warm sunshine Monday, highs of 21-25C.

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