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It’s been a much cloudier day across a large swath of the country thanks to the passing of a cold front last night and while it’s a solid 8-10C cooler than yesterday from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, Western, though rather dull too, sunshine has been trying to break through and although still cloudy, temperatures are up into the low and mid-20s. The sun shall continue working on those clouds and so this evening, we should see clearing. A muggier night to come tonight and despite clearer skies, it should feel warmer. Lows widely 13C in rural areas with mist and fog to 15 or 16C in towns and cities.

Sunnier and warmer day to come Thursday, especially in the East with highs ranging from 24 to 26C, sounds like a broken record right?

Friday will be a near repeat of tomorrow with lots of very warm sunshine on offer, however there will be an increasing chance of a heavy shower or thunder during the afternoon, especially over higher ground.


It’s been a much cloudier day across much of England to the east of the Pennines and here, temperatures have been slashed a good 8+C off yesterday’s values. Further west and with the help of sunshine, highs have managed 25 to 28C. Like last night, a bank of cloud will role in off the North Sea, covering much of the Midlands and across the bulk of the Southeast and South. A slightly cooler night to come with lows dipping down to 10C in rural areas, perhaps 12 or 13C in towns and cites.

A sunnier, warmer day to come Thursday with highs more widely reaching the mid-20s or higher, similar values to today in the West and Southwest, though a touch cooler in the West Midlands, down towards Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

Turning hot again Friday beneath abundant sunshine. Highs widely 25-27 with a local 30C possible across the South.


It’s been another hot and sunny day across Wales with highs widely reaching the mid to upper 20s but the slight difference compared to recent times is the shower or thunderstorm risk over Mid-Wales. Anything which has or has yet to develop, will die away once the sun goes down mid evening. The presence of a cold front over England will be noticed tonight with clear skies, lower humidity and a more comfortable night for sleeping as lows in rural spots may dip to 9C, nearer 12 to 13C in towns and cities.

A dry and sunny day across the board Thursday with barely a cloudy in the sky. Lower humidity and a touch cooler than today at 22 to 24C.

Warmer come Friday with highs back on par with today at 25 to 27, locally 28C.

Northern Ireland

It’s been a somewhat slower warm up process today with a lot of cloud to start but through the course of this afternoon, temperatures have risen nicely, reaching 25 to 27C across particularly the Southwest, elsewhere 23 to 25C. A warm and muggy night to come with largely clear skies. Lows dip no lower than 12 to 16C by dawn tomorrow.

A sunnier start to Thursday and by mid afternoon, most, even along coastal areas should enjoy near wall to wall sunshine and warm temperatures of 25-27C once again.

Another warm, sunny day Friday.


The dry, sunny and abnormally warm conditions continue across the Republic with highs soaring again today to between 24-26C. Tonight will be mainly clear, muggy and warm at 14-16C, a touch cooler outwith the towns and cities.

Tomorrow and Friday will remain sunny and very warm once again with highs potentially rising a touch with a range of 24-27C Thursday, perhaps 25-28C Friday.

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  1. Mark Vogan says:

    Glad your enjoying the warmth. See latest post for thoughts on the rest of Jul into August, Julie.

  2. julie says:

    Hi Mark spent the evening on beautiful Inch beach today 20 mules from where we live,The legendary Ryans Daughter was filmed there surf is magnificent,today hit 30 degrees i have never experienced going into the water in Ireland and actually feeling it warm,it was amazing,hope it lasts another while its great!!

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