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Today marks Scotland’s warmest day of the year and what a cracker it was with widespread 24-26C readings with Glasgow reaching at least 27.6C. The wall to wall sunshine will continue long into this mid-summer night and so the heat shall linger with readings not dropping below 21C perhaps till 9pm for many of the towns and cities. Overnight lows shouldn’t drop much below 16C in urban heat which retain the heat but even in rural areas, lows will struggle to get much below 13 or 14C.

It’s a repeat performance tomorrow with another day of cloud and light rain or drizzle across the far North, Northwest and Isles where highs will be pegged back at 16 or 17C. Elsewhere it’s largely sunny and very warm with highs widely into the 25-27C range, we may even see a 29C reading!

Turning somewhat cloudier Wednesday thanks to a front pushing in from the North Sea, however while a touch cooler, low 20s will still be great. Warming up again late week…


It’s been another very warm day across England, especially in the interior Southwest but the exception was the Lincolnshire coast where temperatures struggled beneath low cloud which continued to feed in from the North Sea. Elsewhere it was sunny with highs widely in the 24-26C range.

Into tonight and the low cloud, mist and fog will penetrate further inland tonight, spreading across the heart of England but this only traps the warmth, it doesn’t cool things down much. Elsewhere to the north and south of the Midlands, it’s largely clear and mild at 14-17C.

Another warm, sunny day tomorrow with temperatures away from the coasts ranging from 24 to 26C once again. Slight cooling with increased cloud Wednesday but warmer, sunnier weather returns late week.


It’s been another warm, sunny day across the country which will lead to another balmy night to come with lows in towns and cities holding up at 15 or 16C.

Tuesday will be another warm to hot day with highs once again soaring beneath unbroken sunshine and light winds. Expect highs of 25 to 27, locally 28C.

A touch cooler but still largely sunny Wednesday, perhaps Thursday before the warmth builds Friday again.

Northern Ireland

It’s been quite the roaster across particularly western parts of Ulster today with a high reaching 29.5C at Castlederg which appears to be the UK’s warmest reading. Elsewhere, wall to wall sunshine has allowed temperatures to push 25 to 26C widely.

Tonight will be a warm night and uncomfortable for sleeping with lows dipping no lower than 14C and for some it may hold at 16 or 17C.

Tomorrow is looking like a repeat of today with more abundant sunshine and highs widely pushing the mid to upper 20s.

More warmth Wednesday and through the rest of the workweek.


It’s been yet another warm to hot day right across Ireland with highs widely reaching 24 to 27C and through tonight we loose the warmth very slowly, perhaps only falling to 16 or 17C in some towns and cities. Rural areas will only stay mild at 13 to 15C.

Tuesday looks to be a repeat of today with highs rebounding back to the mid or even upper 20s once again with near wall to wall sunshine. Always cooler at the coast with an onshore breeze and highs of 16 to 18C.

More warmth to be had Wednesday and right through to the weekend.

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