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Today saw a west-east split with stubborn cloud lingering in the West and particularly Northwest where outbreaks of rain have been on and off while further east it’s been sunny and therefore warm from Aberdeen down to Edinburgh.

Into tonight and cloud thickens in the West as another system approaches, set to bring rain to the Northwest Highlands and winds will strengthen with the possibility of gales. The rain should stay generally north of the Central Lowlands, clearer in the South.

Saturday will be a day with plentiful cloud across the Northwest, perhaps extending as far south as Glasgow, always sunnier in the South and East where highs in the Borders, perhaps Dumfries and Galloway may reach 23 or 24C while in the far Northwest, it may struggle to reach 13 or 14C beneath the cloud, rain and brisk SW wind.

Sunday may see more widespread cloud with a frontal boundary sitting overhead. This may produce light and patchy rain over the Highlands but again it should stay north of the M8 corridor.

By Monday high pressure builds and the front gets forced north, so it’s looking sunnier and turning very warm with highs approaching 26, maybe even 27C across Central and Southern areas.


It’s a very warm evening to come and perfect for a BBQ with wall to wall sunshine right up until sundown. Tonight shall be largely clear with mist and fog likely to form as the air gradually cools but in towns and cities, the warmth lingers well into the overnight with such urban centres such as Manchester, Birmingham and London staying a good 4-8C warmer than surrounding countryside through much of the night. Lows should hold up at around 15-17C in the towns and cities while rural areas will cool to a still mild, 12-14C.

Saturday is looking like a repeat of today only it’s going to be warmer still. Sunshine once again will be widespread and likely unbroken with highs reaching 22C in Carlisle, 24C in Manchester, 26C in Birmingham and a toasty 28C in London. That 28C would be the warmest UK high yet.

You’ll begin to notice nights holding the heat in more and more as the air mass settled in and heats up. Nights become warmer and so it’s easier for the days to grow increasingly hot and hotter than the previous day. Lows around London tomorrow night may hold up at around 20C while Birmingham and Manchester doesn’t get much below 17 or 18C.

This sets the stage for an even warmer Sunday where it’s another very sunny one. I expect temperatures to exceed those of Saturday with a push at 25C in Carlisle, 26C in Manchester, 27C in Birmingham while it’s very possible that parts of London may approach 30C.

Just as sunny and hot come Monday. As the air mass continues to grow warmer, overnight lows Sunday into Monday could hold at 22C in London and 20 or 21C in Birmingham and Manchester and so don’t be surprised to see it even warmer Monday.


It’s a warm and sunny end to the day across the bulk of Wales after a dreary start to the day. Temperatures should remain in the 20s until 7, maybe 8pm this evening in Welshpool, Monmouth and Cardiff. Overnight cloud, mist and fog develops with lows trimming back to a comfortable 9-15C.

Saturday starts grey and dull but once the sun comes up the low cloud and mist should quickly burn off, making way for another warm day to come. In fact warmer than today with parts of the East and South pushing 25, possibly 26C tomorrow afternoon.

A warm night to come tomorrow evening within urban areas and during Sunday, highs will widely reach the low to mid-20s with a few spots perhaps eying 28C beneath wall to wall sunshine.

The warmer Saturday and Sundays nights set a nice base in which temperatures during the afternoon should surpass values of the previous day as the stagnant air mass heats. Monday could see somewhere hit 29C after a warm start of 18-20C. Cloudy mornings will give way to sunny afternoons into early next and mid next week!

Northern Ireland

It’s a warm end to your Friday across Ulster and this really sets the scene for a warm weekend and start to next week. Increasing cloud, even some light and patchy rain spreads into Northern parts overnight tonight ahead of a weather system but it should stay drier further south. Lows dip no lower than 10-12C.

A cloudy day tomorrow, perhaps damp in places, especially in the North and there will be a breeze too. I’m hopeful that some sunshine breaks through during the afternoon. Sunshine or not, it will be warm at 20-23C.

Staying quite warm tomorrow night at 13-16C. Sunday should provide more sunshine and therefore temperatures will be on the rise, perhaps eyeing 25C in a few spots.

Warm and sunny to start the new workweek with highs in the low to mid-20s Monday.


It’s a cloudy but mainly dry and mild night to come across the Republic with lows dipping no lower than 11-14C. After a cloudy, misty start for some Saturday, the afternoon should see brightness, even sunshine breaking through, particularly across Central and Eastern parts where temperatures will rise well into the low to mid-20s. In the cloudier West and North, though warm, it will probably reach 20 or 21C, still respectable for July.

A warm night to come Saturday into Sunday and with a suns-cloud mix Sunday, expect a warmer day with highs in some Southern and Eastern parts approaching 26C.

Another warm day to come Monday, perhaps warmer still thanks to the stronger high, warmer air mass and more sunshine on offer. I expect highs to widely reach the low to possibly mid-20s but a few isolated sheltered spots may push 27 or 28C.

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  1. julie says:

    Sunny here today in Kerry with variable amounts of cloud,very pleasant for cycling,hope i tstays like this for awhile!

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