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It’s been an unseasonably windy day across Scotland, particularly in the Northwest where gales have been blowing through the day, accompanied by some sharp, frequent and fast moving showers. Through the morning, Glasgow and much of the country was hit by downpours but these cleared late morning, allowing for a largely dry but blustery afternoon with a sun, cloud mix.

Winds ease tonight but more rain spreads into the West, staying largely north of Glasgow. For Eastern areas and points from the Central Lowlands south, it’s a mix of clear spells and cloud tonight with lows of 10-13C.

While damp across the North, much of Central and Southern parts look dry with a sun, cloud mix during Friday. Warmer than today with highs of 17-22C.


It’s a breezy but mainly bright evening to come across England with just an odd shower dotting the landscape. Winds ease overnight and skies should turn clear for most. Staying mild at 11-15C with mist and, fog and low cloud forming.

Friday will be dry, bright and sunny for most as high pressure builds in from the Azores. The warmer air mass and sunshine should allow highs widely into the low 20s from Carlisle, York on south with prone warm spots such as the South Midlands down through London, into Suffolk and Kent, don’t be surprised to see 26C.

Warmer still Saturday with somewhere pushing 28C and by Sunday near 30C. Excellent weekend for the Wimbledon finals.


It’s a lovely end to Thursday right across Wales albeit breezy but with warm sunshine, temperatures are up into the 19-22C range and they’re set to get a whole lot warmer into the weekend!

Through tonight and it’s mainly clear, calm and quiet with mist and fog developing as the air cools. Lows dip to between 9-13C.

A warm, sunny day to come Friday with mist and fog slow to clear coastal areas but inland and daytime heating kicks in fast with afternoon highs expected to widely reach 21C. Somewhere in the East or interior South may push 25C during the afternoon.

Saturday and Sunday will bring more plentiful sun and very warm temperatures which for some, may approach 28C beneath widespread sunshine.

Northern Ireland

A wet, blustery start gave way to afternoon sunshine and temperatures into the 17-20C range. Through tonight and clouds increase from the south, lows of 10-13C but through Friday, the sunshine should break through the cloud which built up overnight. Expect highs to reach 20-22C widely tomorrow with a mix of sun and cloud. Slight chance of showers from Derry to Castlerock.

Saturday and Sunday should bring more warm sun and temperatures even higher than tomorrow at 21-24C, chance of some showers across the North.


The warmth is now building across Ireland with sunshine allowing temperatures to push the low 20s this afternoon but this is just the slightest taste of what’s coming this weekend as ridging will lift temperatures to potentially the warmest levels in several years. A mix of cloud and clear spells tonight, little rain, lows of 10-14C.

Friday will be a largely bright or sunny day with low shower risk and temperatures which climb into the low or even mid-20s in spots.

More plentiful sunshine on offer both Saturday and Sunday, warmer still with highs of 25C Saturday, possibly 28C Sunday.

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