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After an afternoon of sunshine and some showers, tonight will become cloudier with outbreaks of rain pushing into western areas with a freshening breeze. Lows near 10C.

Tuesday is looking wet or very wet for all areas with a brisk southerly wind which will be gale-force along exposed coasts. Highs are cool for the time of year at just 13-15C.

Rain clears tomorrow night, turning dry but staying cloudy Wednesday.


After a decent Monday, cloud rolls into Northern and Western areas overnight while it stays clear in the East and South. Lows dip to 8 or 9C where skies remain clear, holding at 10-13C where cloud fills in.

Tuesday will see cloud spread from west to east through the day with rain eventually working into Western areas through the afternoon, perhaps reaching Eastern areas by 5 or 6pm. Highs will be cool at 13-16C.

Wednesday looks rather cloudy in the wake of the weather system but warmer at 17-21C.


Tonight turns cloudy with outbreaks of rain, lows dip to between 9-12C.

Through Tuesday and it’s a damp, breezy, even blustery day along coastal areas with spells of persistent moderate rain through the afternoon into the evening. Highs of 13-16C.

Wet tomorrow night, turning somewhat drier but still a chance of showers Wednesday.

Northern Ireland

Cloud will be followed by rain overnight which spreads west to east slowly across the country during Tuesday. Winds will be fresh out of the south, highs of 13-15C.

Rain gradually eases, turning showery through tomorrow night and this will be the picture during Wednesday. Highs of 14-17C.


Tonight will be wet and blustery but mild at 10-13C and this wet start to Tuesday should linger through much of the day with little brightness to be had. Rain gradually eases into Tuesday night and Wednesday is looking drier with perhaps some brightness returning. Highs of 15-18C.

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