Wild Blocking Pattern Keeps Western Blowtorch, East Coast Rains Going!

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In the last 5 days, the heat has been brutal from Salt Lake to Sacramento as well as points north and particularly south. Highs made it to an all-time record tying 117 yesterday in Las Vegas were pavements has cracked and sadly eldery folks have died in homes without AC. According to multiple reports, Death Valley topped 129 which is a 3rd time it’s hit that number since 2005. Amazingly, as of 4.30am, it appears Death Valley is still sizzling at 109 degrees as it won’t be long until the sun is up and the warming begins once again. Incidentally, the all-time record low maximum is 103 degrees which was recorded back in July 2003.

Source: NWS Las Vegas

Source: NWS Las Vegas

Over the past weekend, temperatures reached as high as 123 in Laughlin, NV, 122 in Palm Springs, CA 119 in Phoenix, AZ, 115 in Lancaster, CA, 107 in Sacramento, CA

Records have fallen with all-time records challenged across many Deserts towns and cities.

With the help of clouds and even mountain thunderstorms, Palm Springs ESE of Los Angeles, only topped 111 yesterday and I say only because it reached 122 on Saturday which fell just 1 shy of the all-time record. Saturday also saw Phoenix reach 119.


Today will be another scorcher with ridging strengthening further (see ECMWF charts below), however for some, it should be a notch cooler in such cities as Phoenix and Vegas as monsoonal moisture increases cloud and the chance of pop-up thunderstorms, particularly over the mountains while for others, it’s hotter, depends upon your location.

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For folks living anywhere from LA to Tucson up to Las Vegas, today should be a couple of degrees cooler as the ridge core pulls a touch north towards Salt Lake rather than the AZ-UT border but that’s deceiving as modelling suggests WARMER temperatures at 5,000ft, plus this morning is starting warmer than this time yesterday.

Here are highs from yesterday.

Source: weather.com

Source: weather.com

Check out the INCREASE in 850 temps according to the ECMWF between yesterday and today.





Note the ridge core is centred over N Nevada/Utah (below) and with a major trough further east reaching all the way down to the Gulf Coast, moisture is being drawn into the Desert Southwest which should help keep temperatures at bay to an extent. For example. Las Vegas appears to have fallen to only 95 this morning and thanks to some clouds around, heating should be restricted today, unless they break up. Temperatures should level off this afternoon at around 115 or 116. If there was completely clear skies, the 117 record which was tied yesterday, may have been threatened.

Palm Springs saw ‘only’ 111 yesterday compared to 122 the day before thanks to nearby storms which rolled clouds across the Coachella Valley.

Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro

Courtesy/Owned by AccuWeather Pro

Death Valley at this time appears to be hovering at around 103 which if it didn’t drop any further, would in fact tie the record for the warmest low ever recorded, set back in 2003. This would also provide a 4 degree head start on yesterday where it fell to a balmy 98, eventually topping out at a June record tying 129. Death Valley has one last shot at pushing 130 today, a reading not seen since 1913.

Forecasted highs today!


Boise Eyes All-Time Record Today!

The heat builds further north with the core stretching. The next 2-4 days will be very hot from Salt Lake to the Canadian border while gradual cooling takes place further south towards the Deserts and eventually the ridge will start to weaken but that’s not before cities such as Reno and Salt Lake see an additional 2 to 3 days of 100+. Cities NORTH of Salt Lake could well push all-time records today. Take Boise, ID for example, a high of 110 or 111 is possible. The all-time high is in fact 111.

Check out these forecasted highs off weather.com

Source: weather.com

Source: weather.com

Dreadful Weather Along The Eastern Seaboard, Any Relief Coming?

The wild BLOCKING across the United States has a lot to do with the persistent rains we’re seeing with warm and very juicy air riding up the Eastern coastal plain from Florida to Maine. Check out the 500mb vort max chart for today and you can see what’s going on.


Note the deep trough stuck between a monster Great Basin High to the west and a strong Bermuda high just off the East Coast. With the trough positioned where it is, the flow around the Bermuda high coupled with the deep trough over the Tennessee Valley is funnelling rich Gulf and Atlantic moisture north and with upper level features circling the wavy upper flow, these are enhancing the showers and storms, producing large rain totals within short periods of time.

There’s a large area with flash flood or flood watches and warnings spread across a large area of the East and there’s already but a LOT of rain. Check out this chart showing just how wet it was during June.

Source: AccuWeather

Source: AccuWeather

Here’s the GFS Operational projected rainfall totals over just the next 48 hours.


Next 7 days


By 72 hours, both GFS and ECMWF show the trough over the Ohio/Tennessee Valleys shifting west thanks to the western push of the Bermuda high. This suggests some relief along the coastal plain from Florida to Maine but showers and storms cannot be ruled out, it just means the heaviest, most concentrated rains shift into the Appalachians and Ohio Valley mid to late week.

By LATE week, the heat will be more comfortable throughout the West!

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