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After a largely cloudy but mild and slightly muggy Saturday, it should remain cloudy tonight and later in the night, an area of light and patchy rain will push into the West. Lows tonight should dip no lower than 10-13C.

Sunday will be damp and grey for the West and Central areas but it may stay largely dry with some brightness perhaps peaking through to the lee of the mountains. The damp weather may spread east later Sunday. Highs beneath the cloud and rain no warmer than 16C but in any sunshine and it may push 20, maybe 21C.

Winds will pick up, becoming quite noticeable along the West Coast and even into the Glasgow area.


A largely cloudy afternoon with some breaks here and there will herald a cloudy, misty, murky night with a humid feel. Lows will stay mild, holding at 14-16C.

Into tomorrow and it’s a cloudy start with some light drizzle perhaps beneath the thicker, low hanging cloud but I am optimistic that this cloud may break up some through the afternoon, especially over the Midlands, South and Southeast and here we could see 25C around the London area. Elsewhere more like 16-21C. Some light rain may spread into Cumbria and Northumberland during the afternoon.

The final day at Glastonbury is looking good with warmth and sunshine (temp around 21-23C.). Wimbledon will be warm and sunny (temp around 25 or 26C)


Much of the country was largely beneath the clouds through this afternoon, feeling warm and muggy with highs of 16-19C, accompanied by patchy light rain or drizzle. Through tonight and it’s cloudy, misty and rather muggy feeling with lows dipping no lower than 10-14C.

Sunday looks similar to today with a lot of cloud but there should be breaks in the cloud into the afternoon, staying mainly dry across South Wales but might rain will spread across the North, perhaps dropping into Central parts. Expect highs tomorrow of between 16-21C.

Northern Ireland

It’s been a cloudy Saturday across the country but skies may brighten before more clouds push into western parts later tonight into the overnight. Through the night rain will spread in from Donegal and this will progress eastwards across the country during Sunday morning. Lows tonight will hold at between 10-14C, feeling humid.

So, Sunday starts damp from west to east with a freshening breeze but through the afternoon the sunshine should return and temperatures should rise towards 17 to 19C.


A mix of cloud and clear spells tonight with a lot of mist and fog developing overnight. It should be mainly dry with just light drizzle for some. Lows hold up at 10-15C overnight with a muggy feel.

Through the first part of Sunday, a weak front will spread light, patchy rain across the country but later into the afternoon, skies should dry out and we could see late sunshine for many. Highs tomorrow of 17-20C.

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